Starbucks K Cups / 100 Count

Starbucks K Cups / 100 Count

Expiration date for the Italian Roast please? It’s the only one not listed.

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$.35/k-cup is indeed a good price (aside from the fact that most expire in a few months), but the suggested retail price of $1.67/k-cup is absurd!


Better price than even Costco, when they’re on sale.

Looks like there’s only 4 flavors to choose from from the list of 10. Too bad none of them are hot chocolate or I might buy some.

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A good deal if you get them used up before they’re no longer fresh. A box of 100 would last me over three months, so I’ll pass since more than half of them (in most cases) wouldn’t be used in time.

Also, don’t believe the “$166.49” price. These are never that high unless you’re buying them in Canadian dollars.

dang. lookin fir decaf

They stay fresh years after box date no BS. Have beach house where 4 year old pods no flavor difference vs those at home churned monthly.


You said it! I too clicked in hopes of cocoa!

For K Cups, expiration date doesn’t really matter much as long as it is not super old. But not many flavors to choose from here.

I would have sprung on this Woot! but I still have plenty of the Harry & David K-cups that were on sale last time.

I’ve been buying expired Starbucks K-cups off Ebay for over a year now. Current batch expired in Oct. 2019 - it’s fine. My understanding is they’re sealed in a nitrogen atmosphere, so they’ll last even longer than “normal” coffee.

$1.66 per K-cup retail??? Come on! Stop the exaggeration!

Best coffee in a K-Cup is Bed Bath & Beyond Barista Prima Italian Roast (regular and decaf). I have yet to find a better bold coffee.


It depends on who the manufacturer on how it is sealed, but typically any brand you have heard of is going to be nitrogen flushed. There is a noticeable change over long periods of time, but the product that comes from a k-cup isn’t high end coffee anyways, so most people generally don’t care/don’t notice.

/used to work in the k-cup industry for a large manufacturer.

//LOL at that “retail” price

Best By: 11.9.2020

Just glanced at the tiny pic. Thought it said “Puke Place”.

I agree. It’s not French Press coffee, but I will Bring a hundred K-Cups To our ICU nurses at work.
COVID ramping up again and they are true heroes going in the isolation rooms day and night.

If you guys Have $33 to spare, buy a case and bring it to your nearest hospital for their Nursing staff. They drink lots of coffee and would appreciate it I am sure.



Sold Out - will that deal ever come back ?

Maybe? Keep watching.