Starlite High Gloss 4×6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets – 5 Pack

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Starlite High Gloss 4×6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets – 5 Pack
$2.49 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 5 Starlite High Gloss 4×6 Photo Paper 20 Sheets

if woot sold some standard 8.5x11 inch rems of copy paper I would go for it.

How well does this photo paper hold up in regards to fading over time?

Not a great deal…I bought this paper from my local “Dollar Store” for a buck and it did not produce good results.

Really? You are planning to use paper that cost $12.75 for 300 sheets and want it to be top notch non-fading paper? :slight_smile: You are funny.

I’d only get this for quick prints that you aren’t planning to pass on to your great-great-great-grandkids. However, I’m sure its fine for everyday prints to give to your kids friends and stuff.

What was so not good about the results, specifically?

Why would you give your “kids friends” pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

this is the best quality paper FREDS has I use it all the time. and FREDS carries only the highest quality paper products there ad says so.

At first glance on this item, it seems the pic is of some “undesireable” theme. Anyone else see that?

I bought this on Woot - the picture quality is dreadful on my HP and Kodak printers. Plain paper gives better results.

On the other hand, the GSI paper I got from Woot gave great results, comparable to Kodak Ultra.

Must they exploit children for their product?

I got some of this from one of the woot site (can’t remember off hand), and used it in my Epson R200. No matter what settings I used the ink would ?over saturate? the paper. I don’t know how else to discribe it, but there were little beads of ink covering every square mm of the paper.

Don’t waste your money!

I’m in unison with the “GSI” statement in terms of image quality but the bad part of that was that the inclosed CD left a minor indent into the 8.5 x 11 paper.

Creepy artscape for photo paper.

Pictures of young kids in over pink tones having a ball doing whaterver the photographer wanted…

This stuff is great for making your own printed circuit boards. Use a laser copier to copy the inverse of your board onto this paper, iron onto your copper, dissolve and enjoy!

I bought some last time this came around (I think it was the exact same thing) and the paper jams in my printer because, I think, it is too thick. I’d stay away.

A. N. D. … Absolutely No Desire…

If you want a print that will last - go to a professional.

Any University copy center will give you a much better quality 8x10 for under a buck =$1.00…

Home printers are crap… leach off work or go the Kinkos/School.

Black and white is fine at home for a paper - forget color.

You’re right. A kid playing a guitar is absolutely grotesque and has no place here… Gimme a break.

Here’s how you pick paper for your photo printer:
Epson printer —> get Epson paper.
Canon printer —> get Canon paper.
HP printer —> get HP paper.

Therefore, only get this if you have a Starlite printer.

I’m convinced the inks and paper are designed to work with each other. I tried a house brand paper for my first photo prints on an Epson printer, and the result was just like you said, the ink just sat on top of the paper. I figured, like someone else said, home color printers were just crummy like that.

Then I tried some Epson printers, and suddenly couldn’t tell my prints apart from ones I got at the photo lab.

It’s not worth going cheap on photo paper.