Starry knights of Ni

Vincent Van gogh + Monty Python = 1 heck of a mashup! :slight_smile:

Verily I tell you, that’s a work of art.

Very cool design.

Don’t really appreciate the “he was insane. Haha oh well” description of someone with a serious mental illness.

I doubt that it was intentionally offensive, but it was unthoughtful and a bit disrespectful. Definitely in poor taste.

Want this as a wall poster.

Well, really “Knight Who Say Ni”

Congrats on the print. Great design!

A complete lack of any actual Knights who Say Ni.


Nice bit of craftsmanship going on here, W. The way the light naturally diminishes at the edges of the art makes sure it’s really wearable.

And of course lots of fan service. Congrats on the win!

I’m slowly losing the fight against the urge to buy this work of art. (I own way too many t-shirts!)

i need this as a tote, please. PLEASE. i’d love to have it join my other adorable wooty van gogh totes. (i, too, have way too many tees and no real opportunities to wear them.) great design!

Great design, but I’ll wait until it goes to canvas - i want this one on my wall.

This is fabulous! I especially love the “killer” bunny guarding his cave entrance.

The Trojan Rabbit is what makes it for me. We seem to be lacking MPatHG inspired shirts with the Trojan Rabbit.

(hint hint). :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all the support!!!

it really should come with a shrubbery