Starry Night Winery Zinfandel - 4 Pack

Starry Night Winery Zinfandel - 4 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Sonoma County Zinfandel
2 2007 Lodi Zinfandel
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Winery website


From the Winery website (not including ship)
2007 Lodi Zin = $17
2007 Sonoma Zin = $22

From Googling the best price was the following:
(not including ship)
2007 Lodi Zin = $11
2007 Sonoma Zin = $15

Nice voicemail - sounds like real Zin mavens at Starry Night.

Are these both drinking well now?

This is a review at Snooth:

2007 Sonoma Zin
This full-bodied Zin is dry and tangy with firm textured tannins that coat the mouth. Coupled with its bright acidity it leaves an almost chewy structure that lingers through to the finish. Expect ripe dark wild bramble fruit including wild blackberry and red cherry and a touch of plum. Spicy white pepper read more…and fresh cut oak supported by this wine’s sturdy and tangy structure. Pair with grilled burgers.

And I could not find 2007 Lodi Review, but snooth has the 2006 Lodi review (3 of them)

“I love Starry Night Zins. This ranked among the good ones, although not my most favorite. Lots of typical zin fruits, but a little tame.”

“I usually drink Pinot Noir, but this is a great-tasting wine, reasonably priced”

“Very flavorful Zin. Nice staple to have at a reasonable price”

This seems to be $11 a bottle wine, according to wine tracker, meaning that this is a deal only if you are concerned about shipping… I am so dissapoint…

would have bought it at $35 shipped

Great, now I’m gonna have this song stuck in my head all night.

They should have sold 6 for 34.99 like they did with the white oak Sauv Blanc (WHICH IRONICALLY !WINE DAVID! sold for $16 retail!). That was a deal, the Wellington case was a deal, the Sunce case was a deal, this is not a deal. You can get a better deal at a supermarket that offers a %10 off discount.

As well as an $11 Cali Zin would ever drink.

Last couple of wine woots have been duds…not that they were terrible wines, just not the great deals we’ve come to expect from wine.woot.

Hopefully there’s something in the works to best these lackluster deals of late.

Agreed. I’m saving all sorts of money lately.

Two negative posts in succession by you ripping WD and the offering? Hell, the man and wine.woot has brought us, what, six years of real deals, thousands of great deals, and enhanced the enjoyment of wine and the appreciation of wine for tens of thousands/maybe hundreds of thousands (?) of us. Not to mention created a social community where people have made many rewarding acquaintanceships and friendships. And helped to revolutionize the wine biz–to our benefit–in the process. Why slam him?

Don’t want to buy this offering? Don’t like this deal?

Why not say nothing or “this isn’t for me” or make an objective post about value without making it personal and inflammatory.

There is no need to resort to ad hominem attacks. I am simply trying to warn people who come to woot expecting deals that this is not a deal. I was not attacking WD per se, but his choice of “deals”, which as others have noted, have not been deals recently.

OK, I will weigh in on this thread. The opinion on whether the wine is good, bad, over priced, or green is fine.

As to the “deals not being deals”, let the market forces work. The Castle Rock sold what, 472 cases, and the Chilean stuff sold 196? That seems low for what I assume Woot hopes for. Times might be tough for poor WD, looks he’s having to scrape a bit to find deals. My point? If 196 cases aren’t enough to satisfy the income stream, he will work harder. What I’d really like to hear is more discussion on the wine.


Not what I’m looking for for any one of a number of reasons, but it does fit a niche in the market (quaffable, cheap Zin). How well it fills the niche, from a stylistic, quality, and quality/price ratio perspectives is the question the other poster seems to question.

In my experience, inexpensive Zin can be, but rarely is anymore, quite good as a relatively fruity, relatively tannic wine that pairs well with a lot of California food, from grilled Salmon (though I prefer a really good Zin for Salmon) to a plate of antipasto with bread and cheese at a picnic.

I don’t know this negociant or its wines, so I can’t say. Those who have tried them might weigh in.

It’s offers like this that scream for knowledgeable lab rats, because they could be anywhere from meh. to wow!, but there really isn’t any way to tell. WD rarely comes up with anything that’s undrinkable, IMHO, but not every deal is as good a deal as one might like, and not every wine is to my taste.

It’s not even 8am here…you guys are way too worked up this early in the morning. Go have your second/third cup of coffee and come back so we can have a conversation about wine that doesn’t sound like an episode of “Real Housewives”.

Oh lord, stuck in Lodi again

Thanks for that. Kinda made me want to cry.

I have found that woot has brought me wines that were affordable, and were above and beyond (in taste) what I would’ve purchased at my local shops. My price point is to purchase nothing over 20 per bottle…there are just too many good ones in that range and every time I spring for a little more than 20, it dissapoints me.