Starry Psychic Night

Starry Psychic Night

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Umbreon is dark type, not psychic type.

Sigh… it’s a moonlight pokemon and it’s a starry night remix. Just let it happen

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But where is “Psychic” coming from for the title? I believe that THAT is what @ohaisup was getting after.

Y’all got your Eevees in a bundle today, I see. I get it that Umbreon might not be the most psychic pokemon in the region, but it’s just a title. And if we put “Starry Dark Night” there would be complaints that there’s not enough Batman… lol. Appreciate the image!

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As do I.

But you couldn’t be more incorrect. if it was Starry Psychic Night, it would be Espeon in the picture.

And why does the batman fandom get precedence over the pokemon fandom?

You forgot the “é”. :wink:

At least pronounce it right in your typings. And yes, I pronounce some typed words when I read them.

I don’t have time to find the alt code for the E. And if you care that much about the spelling of the game, then you should care enough that this is the wrong pokemon type.

I played the games from shortly after Yellow came out through Black/White. Of course, some of those games were a mix of Japanese and English, and Black 2 was played in Japanese form (because the US version was not out at the time).

I’m still trying to process the fact that in a couple of previous generations, a bunch of Pokémon were reclassified.

Come back to me once I process all that, and I’ll gladly deal with this design.

So then you’d know that Umbreon and Espeon have been in the game since Gen 2 (Gold & Silver), and haven’t been type changed since.

I should hope not. The Eeveelution family is one which I like.

Look, I’ll examine my priorities of concern and see if I can get dismayed by the design/title later. Okay?

I propose “Dark Starry Night”.

Because wrong is wrong.

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Also, if you make this a blanket I’ll buy it.

Wouldn’t that make it right?

No, but two negatives make a positive.

But that’s my point…

But you’ll confuse the Batman fandom, apparently.