Starry Sprite

I almost thought this was a bunch of spiders.

And tonight we have a party by starlight.

I don’t care how many legs they have, those are spiders! And I love them.

Yep spiders

They’re the soot sprites from Totoro.


Two nights of back to back Totoro shirts? Awesome. And yeah, badbecky is correct. They’re the soot sprites from Totoro. For reference:

I love the susuwatari! I have them on my truck haha

Or the Spirited Away coal guys.

I would so buy this as art for my house…let’s make this happen!

Yay fishbiscuit! Grats.

Grats Fishy! …and you said this theme wasn’t for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the votes and support! Two days of Totoro ftw!

Inactive wear , finely, a department that fits my life style!

Oh, man, i had to get this. Love the soot sprites.

First Day Sales: 221