Startastic Action Light Projector, 2-Pack

Startastic Action Light Projector, 2-Pack

Well, more fool I for ordering the single projector at $19.99 last week.

The sales video is the most insulting of human intelligence crap I’ve seen this year. What a way to ruin the spirit of a holiday, with an ACME/RONCO cheesy :cheese: POS.

This is not a cool decoration. They also look ugly.

If you don’t like my post, it’s because my IQ fell 200 points after that video and you were gullible enough to buy this in bulk. Sorry.

I need to take a hot shower to wash the slime off now.

I bought something like this last year. Sent it back. Nothing but Chinese garbage. You are NOT going to get anything bright enough to please anybody for this price.

My neighbor has something similar and some of the light bleeds over onto my yard and it makes my bedroom look like an old prison movie.


Demo video states these had cost $200 at one time? :joy:
I remember when the first original Star Shower brand came out as “Seen On TV” then sold in Wally World and Walgreens for around $50. They were selling like hotcakes until the next year they were sold for around $32. Today they’re cheaper than that

I bought four of these last year from Amazon. They all died with pin a week. I would not recommend these.