Startastic Holiday Light Show Laser Projectors

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Startastic Holiday Light Show Laser Projectors
Price: $29.99 - 32.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Sep 20 to Wednesday, Sep 21) + transit
Condition: New


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9/8/2016 - $29.99 - 34.99 - Click To See Discussion (49 comments)

I totally read that wrong. I could’ve sworn it said “SARCASTIC Holiday Light Show.” I was so ready to pull the trigger on this deal too… :frowning:

I’m not sure when the mark of the holidays became green LED lasers dancing around, but whatevs

Just bought this during the last woot-off, paid $7 more then. Thanks guys (not)!

I was going to buy at the last woot sale, but when I read the Amazon reviews, I looked past the ratings number and read every review. Only one was a verified purchase, it was one star. Every single other review (for this Christmas centric device) was unverified purchases in August of this year with reviews saying how much they loved them and that they look great on their houses etc. Are you kidding me? Seriously, who would buy them in August and put them up? My view is that all of the reviews are fake except the 1 star. My attempts to write two reviews on Amazon about the likelihood of fake write ups were not posted by Amazon. I’m trying again here to help anyone considering the product based on the reviews.

So… a guy in a bee costume will hand deliver it to my door? Will a an actual drone fly him to my door? NO? Then Meh!

Glad I’m not the only one!

What about laws about pointing lasers that may interfere with air craft or police helicopters? Especially since this thing sprays laser lights out in different directions…

As one reviewer’s profile said " I recently began reviewing products, and love it so far. One thing that you can take to the bank if you are reading 1 of my review’s, is I have placed myself in the shoes of the consumer."
Yes, not “fake”-fake reviews, but the company was probably sending stuff to people willing to review.

Forget the lights, I just want to shoot at the drone with my pellet gun when it comes to deliver them.

I’d buy a Halloween version.

There’s a website that analyzes Amazon reviews and determines if the majority of the reviews can be trusted. It’s called fakespot dot com and I’ve been pretty happy with the results.

Fakespot gives this product an F. I’m not sure if this is the same one they sell at Walgreens and CVS but my friend bought it a few years back and it seemed ok. I didn’t ask him how durable it was but I did see it working FWIW.

My kids have been busting my balls to get one of these. Thanks to a coupon code, I can get them off my back.

Thanks, Woot.

I ordered these last time Woot! was selling them. Paid more for them and still haven’t received them yet. I’m disappointed and they haven’t even arrived yet.

DO NOT, let these things get wet. I speak from experience.

I always thought the company was behind getting that in the news, but going back and reading one of the stories you apparently only have to make sure it’s not pointed straight up or close to it.

I bought BLISS lights from QVC a few years ago… wayyyyyyyyyy more expensive. I bought these, not from woot, but from Walgreens I think. I live in Central NY… They’re out all winter, get wet and never had a problem. I use PVC pipe to get them out of the snow. They work great. No complaints.