Starve eHalcyon. Save lives.

Hey all.

I’m doing to 30 hour famine this year. 30 hour famine is an event organized by the NPO World Vision. The money raised helps children all around the world. If you are interested, more information can be found here and here.

Any support you can give would be wonderful. If I somehow break $1000, I’ll even extend my famine to 40 hours. Just for you.

In case anyone was wondering what I’ve been up to… I just finished several TERRIBLE midterms (one left next week, but I’m trying not to think about it). The worst was on Monday - I went into it thinking it was going to be hell. I came out of it thinking it went well. It turned out poorly - I ended up with 9/18, short of the class average of 11.29 (or 11.26, I forget). The coming week looks to be filled with the pain of many large assignments and projects being due… sigh.

Anyway, please donate. Don’t let my hunger be in vain!

Please come back eH… when you have time!

Neither link gave us a way to donate under your name. Did I miss it?
I didn’t look that long.

How did you answer that when it was still sitting on my computer, unsent?

Yeah, I read it really fast. Didn’t see it

I have so many ongoing and upcoming projects, and I’m not sure I can finish even one of them. ><

Check out the link in my signature, Madam D’name. :slight_smile:

Should note that the mark out of 18 I mentioned was just for the exam. Our GPA will still be out of 4.0.

Just bumping this up, Good cause.


Hey everyone, I’m still alive, but just barely. This weekend I spent about 24 hours working on the same project in a lab on campus (12 hours on Saturday, 12 hours on Sunday). And for a third night out of the last four, I stayed on campus past midnight (Monday I went home early… to watch Heroes and HIMYM - hey, it’s my one TV break per week!).

I now have big assignments and projects in every class. They’re all due very soon.

Even though that has nothing to do with 30 hour famine in the slightest… you should totally donate. :slight_smile:

My youth group is going to be doing this. I did it too, in high school several years back.

and I know what you mean about projects…idk why i’m on here…I have a history paper overdue that I have no clue what I’m doing on…seems like I’ve been doing hw for the past several days straight. Can’t wait till spring break, which for me starts Thursday–going to Turkey!

How much must we donate so you don’t starve yourself? Please keep in mind that if you don’t eat your brain doesn’t function as well. Be sure not to do it during a test or something.

Well… it’s donating so that my starvation isn’t in vain. :tongue:

I don’t know about eating. You know what else your brain needs to function? Sleep. Guess what I haven’t been doing…

Still at school. About to go home, but might as well stick around to see what comes up in a couple of minutes.

How is the exchange rate?

If I give $10 Canadian, what is it in US dollars?
Of course, if you still came around and played with us, it could have been more, but you dumped us for your shirt friends.

Oooh, she plays rough.

You mean, he hasn’t been gone just because he is being studious???

shame on you eHalcyon!!! Although, good work volunteering and raising money for the cause.

I swear it’s just school! loves the EBWers I’m not just saying that to squeeze more money out of you. I promise.

@D’name - something like $7 USD, I think. Maybe $8.

@Lady Poof - I’m too tired to fight back. >_>

Right then… time to go home.


Dname - just donate in USD, let eHalcyon get the weird number that results. Right now the two currencies are pretty close anyway.

$7? Dang. Might have to go for the 20

you damn college kids are costing me a fortune.
Niece is going to Costa Rica (I think) with some medical group to set up a hospital . She wanted money for that. I would think Johns Hopkins has it;s own money. Maybe I should talk Josephus into going with them.

Now you.

Son is doing something in Australia this summer with stingrays, but we had to pay for him to go.
How is his volunteering costing us money???

Can I steal your sig line and put it in the charity thread?
Nobody goes there anymore, but I haven’t let it die yet.

Or you can post it there.
Or you can say no.

If I looked it up right the canadian dollar is worth 78 cents.

Wold you like to donate some money to the shelter the fen cause? A measly $1,000,000 USD goes a long way. Once I reach my goal of $25,000,000 I should have enough to start construction of my dream house.