Starve eHalcyon. Save lives.

$1,000,000 USD to me gets you a picture of miss 1.

How much for a photo of you?


exspecify how much more.


Go for it. I don’t even know where it is. :tongue:

That sounds like a lot.

9 quality posts ehal? Anything above 0 is unconscionable!

no, lots. plural!

It’s not my fault! I leak “quality” out of every orifice!


Hey everyone,

If anyone was curious, I did the 30 hour famine last Friday starting (officially) at 6am until noon on Saturday. I was planning on starting extra early to make it a 40 hour famine, but decided against it because I was sick and I’d been sleeping less than usual (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights of that week I didn’t go to bed until after 5:30am). The famine went well.

I haven’t been posting on woot at all because of school work… in fact, I literally spent all Sunday night on campus. I was there from noon until 11am on Monday, at which point I went home to get my backpack because I had left an assignment in it.

I still have a bunch of homework to do… just wanted to check in so you know I’m not dead. Hope all is well, EBW!