StatGear Surviv-All Outdoor Survival Knife

Not a bad knife for ones emergency bad IMO. I have this knife and Gerbers version in a different bag. The sharper isn’t the best but it will put an edge back on the knife in a pinch but don’t expect to shave with it. The knife in general is a nice weight and feels controllable in your hand (you know it’s there). I used it to split some small logs (about 3-4 inches in thickness without any noticeable damage beating on the back of the blade.

The one CON that you will notice is the fire rod is NOT easy to extract. IF you hands were cold or it was dark and you had no light, good luck. Someone was going to get one of these for their kid (for some reason) and I mentioned the fire rode is really in it’s holder pretty tight. At least the Gerber version has a T-handle on it which makes it easier to pull out but it too is pretty tight. No worries about it falling out LOL.

One of the images with the knife in the sheath has been reversed, either the one showing the fire steel or the one showing the back of the sheath. The safety cuter can’t possibly be facing the same direction on both the front and back of the sheath. Please clarify which one so we can tell whether this is a right or left handed carry. Thanks.

Sorry for the confusion! We’ve updated the images to better represent the product.