Statgear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

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Although this looks like a great, life saving tool, please check out the laws in your state regarding knives to make sure this tool is legal to carry.

Of course this is me assuming if a cop was to pull you over he would consider the blade part a knife.

Blade length is 3.25 inches

Right, because we wouldn’t want to defy the laws of a nanny state.

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Statgear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool
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i’m assuming the point of this is to keep it in your car. If that is illegal, then it would be equally illegal to purchase a butcher knife at the store and drive it home, no?

Only if you kept it concealed (i.e. in the bag.) For safe and legal practice, it’s best while driving to wildly wave in the air any knives you’ve purchased. In particular, be sure to do so in clear view of any police officers to reaffirm you DO NOT have any concealed weapons.

Well DUUUH, OB-viously everyone knows that a butcher knife is made for hacking and chopping, not stabbing. Now a french knife on the other hand. Or a fillet knife. Or a longish pairing knife. Clearly purchasing and transporting these dangerous items is cause for alarm. And, as noted in another post, having them in the original box, in a bag, in the trunk? Whoa Nellie! You can’t get much more concealed than that can you!?

As potentially useful as these types of things are, I would be interested to know if there are any reports of anyone ever using one to escape their car.

More interesting to me that this “rescue knife” does not have the same shipping restrictions that WOOT needlessly puts on hunting or survival knives.

I’m just in for the discussion about how this tool differs from a “regular” knife in Woot’s eyes.

Here’s a thorough and positive review:

It’s a rescue “tool”. NOT a knife. Isn’t that clear from the pictures?
Woot should stop all knife sales & start selling more “tools”. Pocket letter opener perhaps.

psst Your Fox News viewership is showing.

this is a fine response…nice to see a good sense of humour once in a while :slight_smile:

because seat belt cutter…sounds more PC than gut hook :slight_smile:

Post of the day right there!

It’s slightly less harmful than a 32 oz Coke in New York City.

And my Glock isn’t a gun. It’s a high velocity hole punch tool.