Static Kling

Haha, nice. Great job Lucky. Would like a version on the back as well!

You should not mock the honorable Klingon.

Fast Fact: the Klingon homeworld was originally supposed to be called “Kling”, but that was thrown out because it sounded stupid.

ha ha hahaha ha

I recognize Kor and Worf; is the other guy Duras? a generic Klingon? ???

This has two things my wife hates… Star Trek and Bad Puns. I must buy this shirt!!!

Your wife hates Star Trek??.. and you’re still married??

I would buy this if it was a back print.

I third this comment.

Also, Is the 3rd Klingon Gowron or Martok?

Q. What does Star Trek and toilet paper have in common?
A. They both circle Uranus in search of Klingons.

You’re welcome. :wink:

Many thanks for the print, Shirtwoot! :slight_smile:
Here are the various generations of “Klingon inspiration” I used for the T-shirt design.