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Cosmetics aside, what’s the difference between the “Marcy Upright Mag Cycle” (NS-908U) and “Marcy Upright Exercise Cycle” (NS-1003U)? The features seem to be the same. Is there any advantage to the latter?

the 908 has "
Low Profile Frame design for easy mounting" and weighs 2 lbs less. Info over here:

Page 68 and 70. BTW the bikes at that link are somewhat more attractive for some reason.

Now I know why I’m skeptical on buying large items from Woot. Purchased the Proform GT bike, it showed up randomly (no call, etc) 10 days later and looked like someone beat the box repeatedly with a 2 x 4. I assembled the bike (with only one visibly broken part) only to find that the resistance, RPMs, and Watts didn’t work. Emailed Woot customer service and also contacted Proform customer service (both over 3 days ago) with no response. Not looking to let this extend past Woot’s 25 day return policy so I’m giving this until Monday and then have no choice but to file a dispute with my credit card company.

Lesson learned. Wouldn’t buy this or any other large, moderately expensive item on Woot again.

I’m sorry about the delay in response, I will check with our CS team and hopefully we’ll be responding later this morning.

Thanks @agingdragqueen - I did receive a response on Friday. Now to figure out how to box this thing up…

Well, the hybrid trainer works more or less as advertised, but what the hell is the deal with the assembly? I assumed some assembly would be required, but holy crap!

Not two, not five, but twenty-five different boxes, not counting the two bags of fasteners! The parts list had nearly one hundred parts, almost no pictures to identify them with, and the counts were all wrong. I still have no idea what the ‘stoppers’ for the runners were supposed to be, but I never found them.

Honestly, was this thing designed by Ikea? Set aside an entire afternoon! You aren’t buying an exercise machine, you’re buying an exercise machine kit

On a side note, it would be nice if the manual documented what the fourteen exercise programs actually are. Telling me I can choose ‘P1’ to ‘P14’ doesn’t really help. It’s kind of a pig in a poke…

I gave this NS-908U bike an honest chance, but after low-intensity, infrequent use for a few weeks (maybe 8-10 rides over 30-40 days), it crapped out. The plastic case came damaged (don’t care), the magnetic resistance seemed slightly imbalanced (somewhat annoying), but after only a little use, the right pedal just broke.

It’s got ball bearings in it to facilitate the pedal’s rotation, held in an assembly that is basically a big long bolt. The nut on the end of that bolt was brittle, fell apart, the ball bearings got all out of place. Now it’s like riding a bike with a funhouse pedal designed to cause the world’s slowest-onset ankle injury.

Emails to Marcy Fitness have been, as of yet, ignored.

Edit: When you contact Marcy fitness, you’re contacting some weird Danish (?) company. Eventually, they will tell you to contact yet a different company in the US. Skip that step and email directly.