Status Effects

Two wins in one weekend. Cheers!

How drunk do you have to be not to get this?

congratulation again for Oakenspirit! :slight_smile:

What’s the difference between American apparel and the standard version? Just the name brand? or is it the fitting?

The manufacturing, sizing, fit, and durability, to name some differences. My .sig is clickable and links to a more detailed post.

Oakenspirit gets the next round! Double congrats this week, wowie. :^)

Okay, I will be the goat:

No clue what this shirt is about. Translation please?

I was hoping someone would ask. Now, can someone please answer?

Drinking a beer statistics:

Plus 4pts charisma (originally I posted charm - corrected by wruehl)
Minus 2pts dexterity
Minus 2pts Wisdom

I gotta argue about that dex stat. I’m quite the dancer once I put away a few brews.

And wise? Yes, beyond your wildest belief.

I’m thinking CHA is charisma, but close enough

Oh yeah, that makes more sense.

WOW! Thanks so much everyone- Hope you are all having a lovely Labor Day Weekend- WITH BOOZE!

My wife is concerned that it is pretty telling that I placed twice in the beer derby…

Or, at the very least, the +4 CHA had you thinking you were :wink:

This might be a pretty good St. Patty’s Day shirt…

The Wife = +10 WIS

Thanks for the explanation, but I remain clueless to the meaning of this shirt.

It is similar to the status effect of drinking beer in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. And, probably other RPGs that contain beer.

(The actual in-game stat changes of F3 and F:NV are different, but the artist is being funny.)