Staub Fontignac 8 Qt. Round Red Cocotte

Staub 8 Qt. Round Red Cocette
Price: $99.99
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Near perfect reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at

Seems to be a different product - just look at the lid.

Can’t find that Staub ever made an 8 ct. 7 and 9 I find but not 8.

Amazon sells some:

I see that, I wonder what is different about this one. If nothing, than this is one of the best deals I’ve seen on woot in a long time.

About Staub

This says the “lidded” cocette is capable of 465 degrees which means the lid’s handle would have to be replaced with one capable of handling 500 degrees if you were looking to make “No-Knead” bread recipes for example. However, replacing a lid’s handle to enable it to handle 500 degrees is not at all uncommon and is required on many, if not most, pots.

Isn’t this labelled as a Fontignac and not as a Staub even though Fontignac are made by Staub?

The title says it’s Staub, but the item copy says it’s Fontignac. Which is it?

[MOD: It’s Staub: Fontignac ]

It looks like the wrong photo to me. Staub has angled handles on all it’s pots.

It looks more like a this. Notice the rounded handles, the date and the fancy “F” on the lid.

Yeah, what’s with the brand swapping? At least be consistent. Makes a difference.

[MOD: It’s Staub Fontignac ]

I think it’s Fontignac. description says “waranty life time Fontignac”, and lid and handles shapes are diffrent from Staub.

Attn: Staff

If this is not Staub 8 Qt. Round Red Cocette, I want to cancel my order.

It is not staub.

[MOD: It’s Staub]


If this is not Staub, I want to cancel my order.

[MOD: It’s Staub]

Save your money on this and any other high-priced Dutch Ovens like Le Creuset. This is a link to a Tramontina Dutch Oven available in Walmart. America’s Test Kitchen rated this equal to the Le Creuset and use these on their TV shows. I own one in red and one in blue and they really are equal (I also own 2 Le Creuset):

I found out the hard way about cancelling an order. You have all of 30 minutes to cancel and order, otherwise (as they put it to me) “the gears are in the works”! They did say that once the item ships you can refuse its delivery and when their vendor gets it back, you will be issued the refund. I am in the process of refusing a set of sheets I bought two weeks ago!

I think if they made an error in the listing, they will apologize and cancel it. It did happen before where they had no problem canceling the order since it was their fault to begin with.