Stay Sharp!

Perfect for when you’re taking the standardized tests that’s oh-so popular nowadays.

Okay, Ansharp… are you buying this one or not?

If woot has quite a teacher following, then this shirt will be sold out fast.

Its a shame its going to be waisted on the dull.

Thankfully staying sharp is easier now that we have electric pencil sharpeners!

the directions on the H are incomplete

i am debating whether or not this is a good enough reason to not buy this shirt

I never completely understood why there were so many different settings along the radial… were not all pencils essentially the same girth?

I’m sure it’ll also be wasted on the dull as well. Because only artists wear their pencils at the waistline.

One time I stuck the eraser side of a pencil into a pencil sharpener, just because I was curious what would happen.

It completely busted the sharpener, meaning nobody could sharpen their pencils for a month, and the school had to spring for a new one. Nobody knew that I was the culprit…

I… I’m sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

Mechanical Pencils FTW

Did anyone use the smallest hole?..

That’s what she said

Dude, you’re such a rebel!

…i knew that I-beam that jumped out and attacked me stole something!
-holds out can-
“basic spelling skills for the … mentally injured?”

Damn, you beat me to it lolz!!!

I tried all the time but couldn’t get it in…

sounds more like a personal problem then a quote of some poor girl named She

More puns!!! I know Boots loves them!

Actually, when you are learning to write in kindergarten, they give you larger pencils to hold on to. They are a wider girth than the traditional #2 pencil so that you can hold them easier. That’s not true for all children (kids who have a lighter grip or weak hands can’t always handle a larger pencil). But as a general rule, the larger pencils help kids fine tune the motor skills needed to write.

Got one for my son, who just got promoted to first grade.


I think I already added my 2 cents. :wink: