Stay Warm Apparel Memory Foam Heated Slipper

Stay Warm Apparel Memory Foam Heated Slipper

these slippers on Woot don’t come with the battery charger. They end up being a normal pair of slippers when you can’t charge the battery. They come with the charger at The Warming Store & they don’t sell the charger separately. Woot what do you have to say about that?

Hi there. Sorry about that. It should have come with a charger. We’re working with the vendor to get you one. :w_happy2:

That would be super! I thought about purchasing another pair until my friend told me that there was no charger for the slippers that I gifted her, but I’m not certain I won’t have that problem again. Thank you for checking.

Hi there. We’re having trouble locating your order as it doesn’t seem to be on this account. Could you private message me with your order number.

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