STC LED Grow Light

LOL, i wonder what these are for


Woah… heady.


I guess this answers the question “What’s Woot smokin’” :smiley:

DO NOT MOUNT THIS TO YOUR CAR! You WILL be arrested for impersonating a police officer!

But why is part of it red?

this would be perfect for anyone who was planning on living in southern Chile this summer

Everyone loves tomatoes.

How tall should I expect to grow in the first 1-2 months? I’m 5’8" now.

Real funny, Woot. A grow light being sold at 4:20…


Homegrowns alright with me!
Plant that bell and let it ring!

4:20 pm CST. Any coincidence?

…or you could just go to a saltwater aquarium store, buy some of their lower powered lights for 30% of the cost, and use them instead.

you can GROW weed in there.

Signed, A. Sandler

Now THIS should have been in the April 1 woot-off.

pineapple express?

I approve of this write-up, but don’t tell my employer!

Hahaha, this came up at 4:20 central time!