STC Sunbrella Valencia Gazebo, 11' x 5'

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STC Sunbrella Valencia Gazebo, 11’ x 15’
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Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over ay

The dimensions are incorrect, you are showing 11" x 5’ which should read 11’ x 15’ and the sq ft measurement is also incorrect.

Where are you seeing 5’? I see 15’ in all the places it’s listed.

look at the first post above

also under Gazebo hype write up it states 5’

Thanks! Not entirely sure how I missed that one.

UPDATE: I fixed it.

Found elsewhere, this info is very helpful.

Dimensions: Outside dimensions of canopy: 11’4" W x 14’6" L. Outside dimensions of posts: 10’ W x 13’ L. Overall height is 9’ H to top of canopy. Entry headroom under rails is 6’9" H. Attractive cylindrical posts are 5" diameter. Fully assembled the unit weighs 90 lbs.

Assembly Instructions:,d.aWM&cad=rja

Can this stand up to a great plains winter? say a max of 14" of wet snow on it? I have seen neighbors gazebos go up and come down in the wind and snow. they were cheapo jobs that looked nothing like this but still…

I’d say no way it would last. From the pictures the roof support bars are fairly thin and pretty far apart from one another. The good news is that this type of canopy should easily allow you to remove the canvas to store for the winter and leave the frame in place.

Will it hold up in a heavy wind, or does the sunbrella remove quickly in a storm?

How gorgeous is THIS!!!


This is so not woot-worthy.

Have one I got from Costco. The top allows wind to blow through from below. Pretty strong winds where I live and it’s still standing, but you will need to anchor the posts to the ground