Stealth Stun Gun w/ Flashlight

Why can you not ship to North Dakota? You could last time.

You are correct. We had an old list. It should be updated in just a bit.

Will it be updated today?

You say “Powerful 4,000,000 Stun Gun”.

4,000,000 what? Apples? Oranges? Watts? Whats?

Sorry, thought someone was doing it. It’s fixed now.

Volts. Updated.


I bought two different sized versions of these a few weeks ago here on Woot; on the larger one the taser function lasted about a week and then just stopped working. The second one which I was carrying on me had electrode tips that are just pressed in to the lip; these snag on anything and pull out with the slightest amount of force. Finally after about a month one of the electrodes simply fell off rendering the taser function useless. These are completely unreliable for any kind of self defense…they won’t function when you actually need them. What is more dangerous than having no weapon is having a weapon that doesn’t work when needed. Don’t buy! These are unreliable junk…

Illegal in Illinois or parts of Illinois. Be aware while trying to be safe.

This looks exactly like the flashlight I picked up elsewhere. There’s an on/off switch at the bottom by the charge port – which is handy, but it’s not exactly safe, as there’s a big red button that can be pressed by accident and if it’s in the belt holster, YOU WILL GO DOWN.
Why yes. Yes I HAVE shocked the crap out of myself by accident.

These are GREAT as simple flashlights, too, though. Very nice focus on the beam; you see what you’re pointing at. But then you have to turn the flashlight off to shock what you saw.

If this item is sold out, why did it appear in the March 22, 2016 email again?

It didn’t sell out until after the email went out. Sorry to disappoint.