Steam Baby Steam

got the little birdie handled last time this was on woot. broke the tip of the main conical attachment almost immediately. a bit of user error, but i was surprised. the snake attachment seems to perform much of the same function. cleaned some nasty tile grout in the cat area just yesterday. worked great.

i’d like to buy some more tips, brushes, though. i imagine they’ll get nasty. actually, on that note, i did notice the brush i used seemed to get pretty warped with the steam and the force. i imagine it’s the plastic heating up

Pure crap. Useless plastic that will get thrown away.

Yeah, these aren’t much good.
The concept works well, but they don’t have the water capacity/therefore the continuous heat to do what they’re trying to do.
The quality of the fittings and plastic are fairly low. I fount the attachment at the body blows off very easily through the use of the product (constant motion of the hose gradually twists on it with extended periods of use), which I thought was quite dangerous.

Consider this a starter product to let you see that the potential is there, but this doesn’t quite have it (like, for example, a low cost pressure washer).

I returned mine, and I’m still intending to buy a larger and different brand model with a suitable heavy duty flex hose attachment. Then it will be able to do some actual serious cleaning with some really hot high pressure steam.

We bought one of the Pyle PSTMH10 Handheld Steam Birdie a few Woot-off’s back. I like mine. We’ve used it to clean grout, steam wrinkles out of clothes, steam clean counters, cabinets, and the stove, and to remove wallpaper. It actually worked well and so far no complaints.