Steam For Your Place and Your Pants

Anyone ever used these? No reviews on Amazon or Wallmart web sites.

i bought the gold steam mop on a different site and i like it. it’s actually cheaper here on woot… i paid little more for it but i don’t regret it. i will never mop again. not sure which model you are looking to get but i really like the one i got and the features it has like the stand-by mode, LED light and 360 rotation.

I am looking at the SALAV STM402 Professional Series LED Steam Mop - 1100-watt - Gold which sounds like the same one you got. We have hardwood floors throughout the house and looking for a good solution for cleaning them. Thanks for the feedback @jannce2

Hi, since you own this steamer, I was wondering if you found a place to buy additional mop pads/heads? I have several rooms I like to steam clean and always need additional pads. Any suggestions?

Much Thanks, Patrick (HonestJoe)

Have you had any issues using this on hard wood floors? Does the steam moisture lead to warping or some other damage to the floors or varnish?

I’m here to be repetitive, like the others who’ve already asked you how it performs… So, does it warp wood in your experience and where do you find (or how do you gerrymander) new/extra mop heads?

Thank You!! Found it and sent and email, then I called and had the greatest customer service experience! Very friendly and knowledgeable and as you noted, new to the USA. But the best news is anyone like me, who wants more than two pads, can order additional pads by calling Salav at 855-725-2887 and a TWO pack of steam pads is only $9.99 and they gave me FREE shipping. Thanks again for your help and I hope this helps others.

Peace, Patrick

Just an added note: because of the awesome experience with Salav, I ordered a second of the Gold STM402 model… To give one to my Mom too! Thanks Woot… Love you guys!

So the only person who has ever used on of these created his or her account the same day this sale went live and seems to know random tidbits about this totally unknown company. And what do you know, they love it and they claim this Woot price is a great deal.

If anyone else has any experience with these products, I think your input would be valuable…

And if you take a look that happy customer just joined Woot on August 28, 2014!!!

Patrick, who did you talk to? I called them and they told me the easiest way to get the extra mop pads was to go on Ebay ( and they are $14.99 there.

$26.59 Kmart
$27.07 Walmart
$28.49 “mothership” with free shipping
$34.99 Sharper Image

Hi guys!

I got an email reply from Kristie Lee (Project/Purchasing Manager) email Her email quoted me (2) mop pads (for the Gold STM402 Steam Mop) at $9.99 for the Two pads directly from Salav. Miss Lees email indicated (plus shipping) but when I called Salav customer service at 855-725-2887, I was offered Free shipping. (Might have been free because I ordered Three of the two packs to share with my Mom) I already received an email confirmation and UPS tracking number, so had to be legit.

So when I called customer service, Miss Lee was on the phone, so rather than make me wait, Lina Yu took my information and PayPal, was very polite and my total was $29.97 for 6 extra pads.

Can’t speak about the steam mop yet of course, until I get it from Woot, BUT so far Salav customer service has been top notch, very professional and polite.

One last note… Research has shown me a very good reputation and high customer ratings online for Salav garment steamers! High quality and Salav apparently really have been making the garment steamers for a while in Asia & Europe. That said, they (Salav) must be doing something ok because the garment steamers are being sold at Sharper Image, Sears, Best Buy and Amazon.

Hope all this helps! Thanks and good luck!

(That is unusual/suspect about Jannce2??)