Steam On!

Question: Are the tank capacities for the Haan garment steamer and Haan floor steamer reversed?

The tank capacity of the garment steamer is listed as 2,500 ml (84.5 fl. oz.) and the floor steamer is 900 ml, 30 fluid oz.

Having NEVER used a floor steamer nor a dedicated garment steamer I could be wrong, but I’d think the floor steamer would need to use more water over a longer period of time.

I do not recommend buying any of the Haan products. Go with the Shark instead. Our house is all tile and hard wood. With 2 kids and 2 dogs we steam frequently. Our water is notoriously hard, so we use distilled water in the tanks AND use the cleaning solution recommended by Haan to make sure the media that moves the water from the tank to the steamer never fills with calcium or other contaminates.

Since 2011, we have gone through 4 HAAN SI-70 Multi Purpose Floor Steamers. Each time, the company tried to blame it on our hard water or improper maintenance. Bull crap. We use as pure of water as you can find AND use the cleaner.

We switched to the Shark brand steam mop and it is WAY better. It puts out more steam, the pads are bigger and scrub better, and you can flip over the pad so you don’t have to switch out pads so much. We love it, our maid loves it, and we haven’t had any degradation in performance since we’ve had it, unlike the HAAN ones.

I don’t think they are reversed. The floor steamer is a boiler style tank, with a high pressure lid. If the garment steamer is like the one I have, it’s just a plastic tank, the water flows down to a heating element, but it doesn’t develop pressure.

The floor steamer specs match the Haan site.

I’ve never understood how these work, can someone explain? when you push a vaccuum cleaner around, it sucks up the dirt, same with a carpet steamer, but this is more like what, a mop? it pushes dirt around? where does the dirt go?

Uhm, are you serious? You vacuum first to get rid of loose dirt. Then, go over it with either a mop, or one of these steamers which act as a mop, while using the power of steam to sanitize and clean.

Yah what the other guy said but its also important to note that these are NOT carpet steamers. these are for just about anything else in the house except the carpet actually and their function, in terms of cleaning, is more sanitation than cleaning. They are useful for loosening hardened food/dirt/whatever but generally i would think you’d be better off sweeping your kitchen/bathroom floors/surfaces first, then steaming to kill bacteria. In the long run, i’m sure a steamer is cheaper than the total cost of all the ‘409’ type cleaning products you would use in place of a steamer.

Thanks for the advice. I’m in the market for my first one.

I purchased this on woot a while back. Seemed like a good deal. The thing was broken when I got it and the customer service department offered to have me pay to ship it and send a paid return tag. It would have cost me $35 to ship the stupid thing back to them. Be very weary of anything from the Haan company…

I bought the Shark refurb from Big Lots for about 10 bucks more about 3 years ago…mine still works like a champ! I love my Shark!

Just to provide an opinion on the other side. I bought my wife an SI-75 from Haan and she has loved it. Cleans better than a mop and she loves that she can sanitize the bed as well because she has a dust mite allergy. We have had no issues with it in the past 6 month that we have owned it. We also have very hard water and decided to use distilled water. Honestly anything that uses a heating element should use distilled water for longevity. We purchased the Haan because the shark had poor reviews and usability issues. Concerning the amount of steam and pads. I purchased terry cloths on amazon that my wife likes more than the OEM pads. They come in a 3-pack for like 20 bucks. While the shark looks like it produces more steam, I think the question should be how is that steam directed? If I flip the head on my haan I can see a whole bunch of steam but does that mean that the steam is hitting the area I need it to? This is basically the issue with the shark that we found.

This is what I have learned about looking for a steam mop as far as what questions to ask:

1)How is the steam pushed through the system (manual pumping like some shark models or an electric pump like haan)

2)What accessories are included?

3)Is the water container removable to be filled?

4)What is the warranty length?

5)How is warranty fulfilled if I need to use it?

6)Do I need to use a cleaner monthly to remove deposits?

7)How much does the cleaner cost?

8)How easy is it to purchase parts such as the cleaner or parts that I need to replace?

9)How fast does the steamer warm up?

10)How long is the cord for the steamer

11)How is the steam distributed along the head of the steamer?

12)Does the steamer stand up on its own or does it need to be leaned against something?

13)How hot does the steam get? This is important for sanitation purposes.

14)Can it be used for other things than just floors?

I hope this helps. Remember to try watching some youtube videos as well to see the products in action.

yes I’m serious, hence the question :wink:

i purchased a garment steamer!

suck it, dry cleaners!!!

Will this contraption steam clean carpets?

I have the floor steamer. Only used it a couple of times so far but do like it. What I really love it for is cleaning the glass in my shower. It quickly strips off the soap scum.

Also, it has a carpet attachment. I need to try that out this weekend on the little bit of carpet I have.

No, as stated above, this is NOT a steam cleaner with vacuum, it only outputs steam to sanitize surfaces or help cut through dried on or caked up substances like on stove and grill. You then would need to wipe up the debris once loosened by this. It does come with towels and mop heads that essentially do all that in one step for hard surfaces, but the towels/sponge will dirty quickly if you don’t first get the bulk up. Again these type of devices are used to get up stubborn stains/odors and sanitize. The carpet glider attachment is to sanitize/deodorize the carpet after its been cleaned.

I have the handheld shark garment steamer that I bought the last time it was on Woot. I have to say, I really like it. It works better than my Rowenta upright steamer. If you’re looking for a good clothes steamer, this is a good buy.

I have no room for an ironing board and I’ve been tempted at getting a vertical garment steamer before… was considering getting the SunBeam 1500 watt steamer and then I saw this Amazon review:

Amazon Review

Anyone want to persuade me one way or the other on this? I feel that if this particular garment steamer is difficult to work with, I’ll use it just as infrequently as I do my mini-ironing board and iron.

Personally I’m a big fan of my sunbeam. Your not going to get super sharp creases with a steamer, if that’s what you want you need to stick with an iron. But if you are looking for something to remove wrinkles quickly from clothing it is pretty awesome.

Think about how often you need sharp creases vs. being wrinkle free. The sunbeam is really quick and easy to use.

The first time I used it I had to mess around a bit to figure out the best way to hang my clothes on it but I figured it out pretty quickly.

Overall its quick and easy and personally it really helps me look better whenever I leave the house, a quick steam for my shirts and pants goes a long way.