Steamboat Stevie

Whoever wrote the write-up seems to be letting off a bit of steam.

Shouldn’t there be some waves somewhere?

I’d prefer one in black and white, but the write up is perfect.

Hey, the first purchase (and only one so far apparently) is from a fellow Coloradan. I had better see this shirt when I go out.

Cream or baby blue? That’s like asking if I want a noose or slipknot to hang myself.

oh man, i felt like an idiot not getting this reference til i realized, this is superhero Steve Zissou!! if so, is this really a hipster reference?

Please explain. I don’t get it.

see the movie the Life Aquatic (here are some images):


I think this shirt was made just for me. I have a giant Mickey tattoo on my leg and the Team Zissou logo on my arm.

Wait, where’s the Glock?

Maybe one of the interns has it.

For a second I thought it was gonna be Cabin Boy… I would’ve bought it.

I’m pretty much going to live in it so you probably will.

Finally! A t-shirt available in two colors! Way to go WOOT!

What a dilemma. Hate mickey, love Steve…

Such an awesome mashup. I saw it instantly. One of those moments where you don’t need to reference the comments, and it feels good.

Zissou + Steamboat Willie, awww yea!

“Not a bad impluse though, maybe some sort of nickname… How about Stevezie?”

Combined with