Steel Storage Shed Emery/Stoney Gray, 6'x7'

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Steel Storage Shed Emery/Stoney Gray, 6’x7’
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It’s a shame this shed only has 2 dimensions. Even the specs do not provide any further information.

Flooring and Anchoring: Your storage building must be anchored to prevent wind
damage. A base is necessary to construct a square and level building. Anchoring and base
materials are not included with your building. Your assembly instructions provide information
on a few methods commonly used to secure and level a storage building.

Count on a full day to assemble this shed with 2 people,not counting the time preparing the base.

The front page of the owner’s manual (download at the bottom of the “features” list) has all the specs.

Instuctions are on 1 page with unclear drawings. They could have a web site to help you. You tube has a couple of films that are no help. I’ve built 2 and always have to disassemble at some point.

Oddly enough, the photos do not match the assembly instructions. Specifically, the photos show three roof crossbeams / trusses, while the assembly instructions show just a centerline.
My need is for a 4’ deep shed, which I am hoping that this could be modified to meet. (Voiding the warranty, I’m sure!)

Always allow double the time you think it will take you to assemble one of these sheds. Unlike snap together plastic sheds these steel sheds have tons of fasteners. The instructions have improved over the years, and YouTube is a resource, but it will take you a full afternoon at a minimum.

That was just the blow-out pic. If you keep scrolling in the manual, it has step-by-step instructions.

According to the instructions, the interior dimensions are 71.25"W x 78.25"D x 73.625"H so you shouldn’t need to modify it at all to meet your 4’ deep requirement.

Confused. Really considering this one, but does it have a floor or do I need to do that myself?

It does not come with a floor.

I have a very similar shed. 8 yrs old now. I wish it did not have doors that slide to the sides. Doors that swing out would be easier. Things like rakes and such seem to fall and interfere with doors. Dirt and grass from mower gets in bottom track.

Ugh, no big, I think they sell the floor kit on amazon or I can do pressure treated 3/4in plywood and anchor the crap out of it.

They have a 32 page manual on their site

I think he means he wants it to be a maximum of 4’ deep. He plans to shorten it.

Does anyone know if I can double the depth if I build two together?
It looks like I may be able to but I’m not sure.

I put one of these together in my last house. It is essential that time be spent getting a very level base or the assembly holes will not align.


This this in a POS! It is like building with a bud light can! Caution -0 never buy a “metal” shed! Go with plastic!!! By this time I built platform, installed and built, it cost me over $1k . . . what a sucker I am hahahaha Never again and in fact, I want a partial credit! Once I open box, I should have returned!!! Hundreds and hundreds or screws and parts and OMG! Bad on me!!! You have been warned folks