Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap Chair

What does refurbished mean for a chair? New cushions? New hydraulic lift? New arm rests? So, what is left from the old chair? The casters?

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Are the casters suitable for/ kind to hardwood floors?

A quick Google shopping search shows this chair for a much lower price everywhere else (except Amazon).
Am I missing something?

Way too much for this chair, as mentioned above quite a bit cheaper at most other sites. Pleas lower price and I will buy.
Just one example at $229

That’s an open box one not refurbished. Also it appears to be all black not dark grey. Free shipping, though.

Are the f@rts removed? I knew a tailor who would not mend or alter suit pants until they were dry-cleaned. He said the minute the steam iron his the seat of the pants…well you know the rest.

The pictures for the chair show two different versions of the Leap. The pictures showing the Dark Grey are of the Leap V1 and the picture showing the red chair is of the Leap V2. I’m pretty sure what is being sold here is a Leap V1 and the Leap V2 picture is an error.

I just received my woot chair and it arrived broken in multiple pieces. The back is pretty much sheared completely off of the rest of the chair. The fabric appears…grubby? The grey color is hard to tell if it’s supposed to look gross it’s dirty. I contacted Woot about the destroyed chair and am waiting to hear back. Unfortunately, now I have a 55lb huge broken chair I don’t know what to do with and two massive boxes the size of ovens (it was double packed, which was nice but didn’t help) it arrived in.

Same, really unhappy about this. My chain is stained and has cracked plastic, I also emailed customer service about it today.

Woot had me repack the chair and ship it back to them. They provided a prepaid label and scheduled UPS pickup at my house (since I told them the box wouldn’t fit in my car).

Today I received a complete refund for the chair purchase. It was a hassle and I’m surprised Woot paid to ship the busted chair back to them (I sent them pics of the damage) but customer service took good care of me at every step of the process.

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