Steelhead 42-Pocket Heavy Duty Tool Backpack

Steelhead 42-Pocket Heavy Duty Tool Backpack

So… did some company just buy a bunch of crates of backpacks and try to find a use for them? Beyond the feet at the bottom they appear to be normal backpacks. O.o
And are people really storing tools in the same back they store a laptop, and don’t insist on padding for the layers between them?

Kind of looks like that, doesn’t it? That third picture looks a lot more like ‘place for shoes’ than ‘tools’.

Do the tools go in the backpack, or does the backpack go on the tool?

Not 42 pockets, 26 pockets, 42 “storage organizers”. Now I know that all the straps and hooks I’ve added to my current backpack are “storage organizers”!

Lots of small pockets but will this work for a student? It doesn’t appear to have a slot for a laptop. My kid can destroy a student backpack in a week.

Has a laptop pouch for reportedly 17 inch. But probably does not play nice if next to a 1/4" drill. Perhaps fine with hand tools if smaller and notebook or tablet it it’s own protective sleeve.

Has a lot of compartments and that is the reason it is a well rated tool bag. Is heavy weight at 5.6 lbs and made of 600 D polyester with a lifetime warranty per Amazon site.

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