SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard

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SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard
Price: $49.99
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Check out the product page and very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

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Review over at PC World

That appears to Best Buy. Here’s Newegg

Wow, what truly horrible reviews… I would expect more from steelseries, but as such, I will NOT be buying this POC…

I will have to pass. I loved Steelseries when they made intuitive gamer keyboards like the Merc Stealth. This is one of those done a dozen keyboards that have a lot of tenuous reviews. Genuinely disappointed that this is the route they’re going with future designs.

On the fence for this one, great reviews mostly, but a nasty slew of 1s and 2s olat newegg, who to believe?

#1. Same prize on ebay but ebay has free shipping.

#2. Does this have onboard memory or is it software dependent? For example, can I use the macros on hardware that will not support the software. I see no mention of onboard memory, so is it essentially a normal keyboard with extra keys that can be bound by software?

UPDATE: Keyboard does NOT have onboard memory thus the macro is OS side and note part of the keyboard itself. I avoid these types of products since I prefer the macros to be on the keyboard’s internal software not the computers software.

Don’t waste your time. This is a rubber dome keyboard so it’ll feel terrible. Get a decent mechanical keyboard like the Corsair K70. It costs more but a good keyboard will last for decades.

Looks like the one on eBay is refurbed? Did you see a “new” one for a lower price?

got a steelseries keyboard, needed a new driver, for Windows 8, steelseries basically told me I was out of luck

I’ve used SteelSeries on many of my gaming rigs in the past. I used to swear by them, so I’m a little shocked by the TERRIBLE reviews for this keyboard. It does look pretty, but I’m not gonna take the risk.