SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset

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SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset
Price: $79.99
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I’m assuming this is the 2017 version, based on the box image? Is this the correct model?

I am wearing this headset right now (bought from the mothership about a month ago). The sound and wireless-ness are both superb, but the usability of the headset itself could use some work.

The most annoying thing is that you have to press the “on” button for quite a while to turn them on, but the success light is on the button itself. I’ve learned to just put them on and wait for the audio cue instead.

I have not tried the mic yet, but I like how it is easily hidden away in the headset and that there is a dedicated mute button.

The size-adjustment range is almost not big enough for my large but not giant head. A centimeter more and the hard part of the band would be resting right on my head, which would defeat the purpose of their fancy “ski strap” contraption.

That said, they are very comfortable for long-term wear while gaming, don’t pinch my ears, don’t seem to have any lag, and they don’t turn off randomly like my old headphones did. I can also hear the outside world a little even though the earcups completely cover my ears - this is a positive for me, but could be a negative for some.

I paid about twenty more than they are selling for here and would definitely buy them again.

Battery degradation is really bad in these headsets, and steelseries is an absolute pain with the RMA process. Prepare to get your account banned after processing a legitimate RMA with them, which makes you unable to do anything because contacting them on other methods doesn’t generate any response.

I helped out one of the developers with a nasty login bug and received a free mouse from them, which was nice, but when the non-replaceable battery in this starts lasting exponentially less each day, be prepared to just trash it.