SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Haha you think we don’t remember the whole “Bully Hunters” debacle SteelSeries?

No thanks.

Um… what exactly was the debacle that they are to be blamed for? They were mislead along with several other companies, and once they saw what was happening they condemned it.

Who runs this website? They don’t have a clue do they?

I just purchased this headset from Steelseries during their “member only” sale. Was lucky enough to score an additional 20% off due to price mistake making it ~$175 which I definitely think is worth it.

That all said, I wasn’t happy with the sound out of the box for gaming - what it’s made for (worth noting that I primarily play FPS games). Music and movies sounded fantastic with their built in EQ adjustments. However, I found the EQ adjustments for this model (wired Game DAC version has more control) to be lacking and not able to dial in where I wanted it. To fix this I configured this headset with Equalizer APO and dialed in the settings I wanted. I can now hear footsteps and distant gun shots plain as day as I could with my other headset.

For the price of $230, I find that it would be worth the cost if you want a solid wireless headset. The wireless range is very good also; my old wireless headset could barely make it 15-20ft before getting choppy while this headset can go 40-50ft in my house and not have issues.

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This was 175.99 direct from steelseries from 3/27 to 4/3 free shipping brand new.

A week later Woot sells the exact item for $230 (+$55).

Woof, not woot.

It was only this price if you tried to combine the promo code “REDBULL20” which was not supposed to combine with their “member only” sale pricing. They canceled all of the orders that combined this promo, but then decided to honor it and sent out one time use 20% off coupons to the people who had orders cancelled.

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Yea like others I too bought this thinking they were gonna be great, boy was I fooled. Their customer service is crap too. After I received my first pair I noticed the sound was weak and not very loud. With FPS you want the sound up to be able to hear stuff around you. With my PC and these, all the way up it was like a basic TV watching level.

It’s cool that they are wireless but more than 5 feet away and they cut out can’t run to the bathroom or kitchen. The mute button is a terrible design you can’t find it by feeling around for it.

After I wasn’t happy with the sound thinking it was a faulty pair I contacted customer service they wanted me to pay for shipping back to them as well as shipping on a replacement pair. After I spent $200

Also starting to notice the sound is not clear when turned up all the way but it’s the only way you can hear anything out of them.

I wish I had never wasted my money on this junk. I still need to find a good pair I can use both with my PC and my Xbox, preferably wireless

I just received these. They DO NOT advertise xbox. Only show PS4 or PC. I believe your misjudgment was on your Hope’s it would work as intended on your Xbox. Just thought you should investigate further.