SteelSeries Flux Gaming Headset

Wait, wow, this is actually a deal! $10 cheaper, with shipping, over Amazon’s $24.

Which is why a third of the sales are 3 units - all abbooarrddddd the reseller train! steam whistle

bought 3, mostly because my kids destroy headphones and this is a good deal to keep them covered for about a year. wish i could buy more.

Is this compatible with Chrome Operating System (Chromebook)?

will this hook up to i pad/

I bought two of these on a previous Woot for around $12 a piece and was very happy with them at that price. I’m tempted to buy more now, but the other ones are still holding up great.

Anyone know about the comfort level for these. If worn 1-2 hours?


I use these 6-8 hours every day. They are very comfortable.

Displaying my lack of gaming knowledge here…
Would these work with a PS4?

Confirmed this with the buyer, and these will plug into anything with a 3.5mm port!

Does anyone know the length of the cord? Thanks.


Thank you.

I received them a few days ago, they work great and the kids love them. Seem very sturdy, sound quality is better than i expected. Kids like the way you can hook them together to listen from one source, will be great for travel and movie watching.

just got these today. overall, i’m pleased with them… they sound and feel good. I do take exception with the cable length, which was a selling point for me. The woot spec said 2m. when I took it out of the box, it was clearly less. I took a look at the box with said that it was 1.2m, which seems more accurate.

Thank you for the info. I’ll ask the team to update the sale.