SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Optical Gaming Mouse


These are still going for $45 on the steelseries site. And steelseries is an incredibly solid brand (in my experience). They might seem a little pricey (when they’re not on Woot!!) but I have found it totally worth it. Plus they are small, and I like small, even if it isn’t local.

I have 3 pairs of headphones, a keyboard and mouse (and mousepad). And everything has lasted perfectly. Oldest is the original Siberia (V1) headphones which are sitting at about 5 or 6 years now. Keyboard and mouse are at about a year but feel very solid.

I have their Sensei mouse for my desktop but I might get one of these to go with my new laptop…

Can someone explain to me how there is such a massive price difference?!

EDIT: Hmm, no forward and back buttons on this mouse… might be a dealbreaker…

I assume because Razer is always on here selling their stuff and SS wants in on the fight.

I WELCOME IT SteelSeries > Razer all day every day.

I don’t think the Pro Edition comes in all these colors. They only have black, red, and silver. This might be the regular v2 without Omron switches which may possibly explain the price difference.

Also, I don’t think the regular Kinzu v2 ever came in red or glossy black either.

SteelSeries CES marketing blurb from 2012 showing the color options:–-kana-kinzu-v2-pro-edition-and-kinzu-v2

Maybe SteelSeries have recently decided to offer the regular v2 in red and glossy black but these options aren’t available on their site for the regular v2, only for the Pro Edition.

The item model numbers of 62016 (Glossy Black) and 62025 (Red) refer to the Kinzu V2 Pro Edition mouse. The other item model numbers, upon being searched, refer to the regular Kinzu V2 mouse.

Damn, if I knew these were coming I would have picked one up instead of the Razer Naga. Don’t get me wrong, the Naga is nice but the shape seems better suited for MMO games than FPS. Plus these are much cheaper.

I’d be all over this if it had two more thumb buttons for forward & back. I picked up a Steelseries headset from Woot a while back and I’m pretty happy with it. I would definitely be willing to give one of their mice a shot (especially when it’s an ambidextrous shape <3).

Agreed completely. I’ve got a Steelseries Merc Stealth keyboard that I absolutely adore. My biggest complaint about Steelseries however is that they don’t update their drivers. Latest drivers for their keyboards came out in 2011, and Windows will sometimes not recognize such old codecs. I had a horrible issue last year when I downloaded a Windows update & suddenly I could either get my video card to work, OR my keyboard, but not both at the same time, and tech forums said it was due to outdated codecs on the drivers.

Still, I’d take a chance on this mouse–IF it had forward/back buttons. A simple 2 button mouse won’t cut it, even with all the fancy parts.

[hr]SALE UPDATE: v2 vs. v2 Pro[hr]

As some of you noted, we had the wrong titles on a few of the mice. The sales have been updated to show which mice are Kinzu v2 and which are v2 Pro.

What’s next? Customer Support will be emailing everyone that already purchased a v2 mouse to make sure you want your order to stand as is or if you would prefer the Red or Black v2 Pro.

It’s hard to tell by the pictures but are these all glossy or just the black one? Glossy plastic coatings are terrible for people whose hands tend to sweat.

I have an older version of this mouse and I LOVE it. It’s a nice smaller size which is good for my delicate hands when I’m shooting zombies in the face. Very smooth and accurate, I’m totally buying a couple here today as I’ve been thinking about replacing mine since it’s been dropped a number of times and the pads on the bottom are a little bit chewed up (my fault, or rather my kids’ fault).

The only downside is that the braided cord, while it looks nice, wore in half and separated where the cord draped over the back of my wooden desk. My husband made the desk so the edges were a bit sharper than most, I suppose. It doesn’t affect the performance of the mouse whatsoever and I never see it unless I’m moving things around back there but it does look pathetically ugly. The cord underneath is your typical plastic cord, which was undamaged.

Last Thursday you offered a tablet for $59.00. Is that deal still available? Do you have any more?

Sorry, but once a deal is gone, it’s gone.

However, be sure to check our Plus deals as they may show up there. There’s a link to a list of all the Plus sales in my signature. It’s updated M-F.

Do these not have thumb buttons?

Here is my review of this product. It is incredibly light-weight, so it flies on your mousepad. It has a grand total of four buttons. These include right click, left click, scroll wheel, and the sensitivity button located directly below the scroll wheel. The sensitivity only has four options (400, 800, 1600, 3200), which you can customize and rotate between two options via the SteelSeries Engine Driver. You also have a polling rate that you can alter, which consists of 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz.

Personally, I’m dissapointed with this mouse. I didn’t like the fact that it was so light. The big thing that bothered me about it was the sensitivity options. The option I use is 1600, but that setting is just a shade too high for gaming. Even if you turn the setting down to 800, then it is far too low. For $20, I can’t really complain. I got what I paid for. Anyone else looking to buy this may be better off buying something like the Logitech G500. This mouse is more of a quickie replacement.