SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Optical Gaming Mouse

I never heard of a ‘gaming mouse’ with no thumb buttons??? …Weak marketing.

I think the shape of the mouse and it’s support of the hand as you hold it makes it the gaming mouse. for instance the “magic mouse” from apple’s shape is not good for gaming but it is great for web surfing and general computer usage.

The Upper tier SteelSeires mice have very nice thumb buttons. I like steelseries because it’s not the 40 button Cheap monster’s that Razer makes. They have great build quality.

Things that make a gaming mouse:
Sensor- no straight line correction aka prediction. And the ability to track at high speed for gamers who use low sensitivity.
Shape- Ergonomics suited for palming or “claw-ing” I love this mouse because the back is relatively flat, which fits the palm much better than a dome.
Mass- Usually people like lighter mice because more mass = more inertia.
LAST of all would be buttons. Buttons add problems like accidental clicks, more mass, etc.
Mostly RPG players and RTS players need buttons.

No thumb buttons = not gaming mouse

I wish someone would make a mouse with like 4 thumb buttons in 2 rows.

I agree, I use a razer deathadder and I have never ‘accidentally’ hit the thumb buttons. They are extremely useful for binding in FPS games ie: grenade, health kit, etc. I am right handed and therefore prefer to have 4 or more buttons on the mouse for FPS games. The design seems intriguing and i guess you cant call it ambidextrous if you throw thumb buttons on one side.

these might be decent mice for checking email or browsing the web, BUT they are not gaming mice.

i can call my left foot a choo choo train but my left foot is still my left foot and NOT a choo choo train.

these are simply not a gaming mouse.


But… how can you be SURE?

It’s overkill compared to what you asked for, but the Razer Naga has a whole mess o’ thumb buttons. The Naga Hex has six, which is closer, but they are arranged in a hexagon.

How is that you need thumb buttons for it be a gaming mouse. Steel Series Mice are all gaming mice.

You mostly see FPS gamers using the Kinzu’s. There is actually a lot of Professional Counter-Strike players who use the Kinzu.

You guys who don’t like thumb buttons on your gaming mouse should not call yourselves gamers.

Not entirely sure what you would use the thumb buttons for in an FPS. I know I don’t use them when I play an FPS. I don’t even use them for RTS or MOBA because it messes with the precision of the mouse. The only thing I use thumb buttons for is VoIP.

I disagree.

I find this mouse to be almost perfect for my needs, as I play a lot of FPS. It fits my claw grip well, and it’s light. Only problem is that the sensor is merely adequate. It is acceleration-less, but has a pretty low perfect control speed compared to other mice on the market. It still has a higher perfect control speed than the Microsoft mice(i.e. WMO, IME 3.0). Also, the sensor has a tiny bit of prediction. It doesn’t affect my gaming, but it is noticeable.

The lack of extra buttons does not affect my experience whatsoever.

in fps gaming your mouse is used to aim and shoot anything other than that is just preference. your statement just shows how much of a casual you are.

All this talk about ‘It’s not a gaming mouse because it doesn’t have enough buttons’. How about ‘It’s not a gaming mouse because the DPI is just 3200’? If you play competitive Farmville, that’s probably enough. However, if you play any first person shooters, you’ll probably want something that’s at least 5000, or even 8000.

I play on 400 DPI. If you play on 5000 or 8000 DPI, I suggest you lower it. Almost any competitive FPS player can attest to the difference that low sensitivity brings. DPI does not correlate to accuracy. It only affects sensitivity. I can understand high DPI for an RTS or MOBA player, but if you change your DPI and in-game sensitivity to a lower number for FPS, I guarantee that you’ll see an improvement once you get used to it.