SteelSeries Prime FPS Gaming Mouse

I’ll admit I was skeptical about the robot vac at first but it’s really been a blessing. I still do the stairs and the baseboard with the shark, but omg has that thing saved me so much work. It does really well and has no problem with rugs. I brought it upstairs once to do under the beds. It’s awesome.

It was doing the rug by the front door one time and I opened the door to go out and it was going to do my porch. I’m not sure why I didn’t let it.

I have carpet which is maybe 23 years old.

Shame that my Roomba can’t deep clean it.

(Then again, the Roomba is over 6 years old technically.)

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I’ve been trying to keep carpet out of my house. Rugs are fine. Carpet is too much work.

No pets or cats here.

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Agree. This house is all tile - wood look though. It’s so nice with a fur machine.

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