SteelSeries Professional 4H Gaming Headset

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New SteelSeries Professional 4H Gaming Headset, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x SteelSeries 20068 Professional 4H Gaming Headset with Microphone

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What would it take to hook these up to an Xbox360?

these any good compared to the Steelsound 5H V2?

Newegg review and pricing.

4 Stars, $35.00+Shipping

There’s not gonna be many good reviews available areound the net for this one. At least not as far as I can tell.

The reviews on Newegg make these sound decent for $25. About as much as you can expect.

Woot! I Beseech you!

Please stop whoever it is at yahoo that is writing those little blurbs…

“Already voted? Well, then you promise to go right after this? Okay, then, come read about the SteelSeries 20068 Professional 4H Gaming Headset with Microphone! But remember: vote…”

Ahh! My head just asploded. Whoever wrote that needs some serious help. Please help them, woot! :frowning:

The head doesn’t come with it??? Oh, well… I guess I’ll have to use one from collection of human ones… (evil laugh).

I’m listening to Laibach on a pair of these. They are excellent for CS:S and BF2, the sound was a little strange for the first 2 days until they were broken in. It’s also the most comfortable headset I’ve ever owned. I can wear it well over 12 hours without any problems.

I’d say 4.5 stars out of 5.

Give me the 5H!!!

This is a good headset specifically for gaming. You can figure that out from the extendable microphone.

Sound quality is decent, but there is not enough bass for music.
Not tinny sounding at all, but just not powerful bass.

For those of you with larger heads, it is necessary for you to know that it is not adjustable. The actual phones rotate on a swivel left and right so it fits to where you want to put the headband on top of your head. I have a rather large head and they fit me well. They are circamural (or whatever it is [it goes over the ears]). The head padding and ear padding is made from cloth. They do not end up hurting your ears after extended wear.

The microphone extends a little short on my aforementioned larger than average head, but it picks up my voice well. I have a fan blowing near my chair and I have never had any wind picked up in the mic.

Some people will say the 5H is the end-all to headsets, but this is a fantastic low-cost version. Something to keep in mind, they probably have the 5H on at this very moment and it was the first headset they purchased for over $50. The 5H is also notorious for breaking quickly. So far my headset has been used for thousands of hours without any failure. The 5H has nifty features all of which I probably wouldn’t use. Get this cost-effective version and save money without skimping on quality.

Very good for this low price. The long cord is also handy in case you don’t have front panel inputs. Buy two and save the other one until the first one breaks (which should be a while).

I bought a pair of these off of woot about a year ago.
Pros: It is a very nice headset, very comfortable. Retractable microphone also very convenient.
Cons: Cords started internal fraying, sounds increases and decreases in volume when I touch the cord and I get complaints that people can hear what I hear when using the mic.
I would just buy a Koss.(lifetime warranty)

i’m interested in using them for skype and how they compare to the hp headset on the wootoff?

a lot more effort than it’s worth I bet.

nice mic, nice spatial reproduction… SOUND LIKE POOP… no bass, tinny, over-treble sound, and zero isolation

I’m not sure how they compare with the HP, but these would probably be very good for skype. Great mic. Only problem is it doesn’t have much low end (not necessary for voice though). If you plan on only using it for Skype, you’ll be very pleased. Just don’t expect much if you’re going to watch a lot of movies or listen to a lot of music.

I hope they’re good for Zombie Panic!: Source. The clip-on mic with the Everglide (both of mine) is crap (always being told I was quiet). I’ve been wearing a cheap “free with WinXP” (yes, from the XP launch in the Days of Yore) one-ear headset with a boom mic off the ear and the Everglide on my ears. This just HAS to beat that arrangement.

I’ll never do the clip-on mic again.

Mmmm… Brains…

What else would you use it for? If a mic is attached to a headset, it’s not meant for recording music!

The specs on this are way overkill for Skype or any other voice application. Your home phone’s mic only goes down to 350 Hz. This goes down to 75Hz, or way below even Barry White territory.

After wearing these ear muffs for a while your head will burst into flames. The reason they invented ear buds was to get away from these antique monstrosities…