SteelSeries Professional 4H Gaming Headset

ROFL! Is that what happened to you?? (just kidding)

Earbuds are for people who don’t mind hearing all the other noises around them. I personally like to hear whatever is coming through my headset and earbuds are not very comfortable to me at all. The best headset I ever had was a Koss headset that had huge earpads. It was comfortable and covered my ears, blocking out a lot of outside noise.

Looks like there are 2 jacks. Is that for left and right (stereo sound) or are there two different size jacks to accommodate various electronic devices that have different size jacks?

1 is for mic and other is for sound

Hey, these are the ones that come with a USB sound card right?? Aren’t they supposed to have a USB adapter?


Unless you’re using some form of the word “adjustable” that is unknown to me, this statement is incorrect. This headset most definitely is adjustable.

I suspect you’re thinking of the Razer headphones.

Worst thing I’ve ever done was to memorize my credit card’s security code. I don’t even need to open my wallet.

Oh well; IN FOR 1! Woot!

In for two. I was very happy with the 3H headset (smaller headphone cup, collapsible) that I picked up last year.

Definatly in for one. Fell in love with the 5h how much different could 4h be :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d totally woot this, since i happened to “misplaced” my old one.
But it ships smartpost, and that’s definitely a no-no for me now.


Excellent set of headphones! Although the 5H v2 Headset is obviously better sound quality (comes with USB Soundcard), the 4H is the next best thing for gamers.

My 5H v2s broke the other day after using them for a long time, so I couldn’t be happier to see this on sellout.woot! !!! This is awesome !:slight_smile:

i have the 5H and i use it mainly for skype.
it’s a great headset and the person(s) on the other side say there’s great clarity

not sure hot the 4H compares, but i’d say they’re pretty much the same

no those are the 5H v2 usb. these are one under thae one you are thinking about.

hey gatzby thanks for reading the reply to the post i made when you asked what i would like to see in the wootoff. i said a zune and 16 gig thumb drives. it was not in a wootoff but they put them up thanks.


just bought me a pair :), should be an upgrade from my $35.00 walmart bought logitech headset. seeing as how they are originally $69.99 + shipping from their site. can’t beat $50.00 off.

In for 1 but does anyone know the difference between the model #'s 61003 vs 20068 for the 4H headsets? They’re both available through out the web…

I’d totally be in for one, but I just got a webcam from a friend that’s got a mic and I haven’t had any complaints in TF2 about it yet.

Come on Woot… Provide my own head?

No head, no sale.

One of the best pair of headphones I’ve owned. Extremely comfortable for long periods of time, good sound quality (not top notch, but then again you are only paying $19.99). One of the better deals for headsets. And the retractable mic is nifty.

Pfft, it;s just a headset for gamers, if it breaks ? Big deal get another set! I go thru 3 set average every year…with a price like that and the quality, no complaints here.

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