Steelseries Siberia Full-Size Headphones

4 stars on Amazon

As a couple of Wooters have pointed out, this link is for a different model (one with a microphone).

Sorry for the confusion.

Are these any good?

looks like a giant head brace.

here is website.

product website:

I have these and love them, pretty good sound, EXTREMELY comfortable.

gonna buy another…

Steelseries headphones are excellent, do not pass this up if you need a set of quality headphones, you won’t find a better pair for this price. i have the siberia neckband and the sound is amazing, i’d be in for a pair but they don’t have a mic for gaming use

here’s the product website

are these the ones from the Basshunter music video? Vi Sitter Har I Venten Och Spelar Lite DotA?

Headphones? How bout a headset?
I might sound a little desperate here, but despite the headphone listing, do these things have a mic?

youtube user review.

If you’re looking to buy these for gaming, don’t. Spend the extra $50-$130 (depending on the model you want) and get a TurtleBeach headset. If you’re looking for something to use with MP3s or stereo or even your TV though, this is a great deal and the sound quality is pretty good. Still, no matter the price, this is not a gaming headset.

These are pretty good headphones, but remember that most online gaming (with friends at least) goes better with a headset (headphones + mic). If you’re looking for a nice headset, steelseries has those too, just look up the 4H or 5H models.

This isn’t an applicable review, the one you linked has a microphone while this clearly says in the description it doesn’t…who would want this without a microphone?

When medium-size just isn’t enough…

“allows you to hear things going on around you” - then what good are they? Kinda defeats the purpose IMO.

I have a pair of these from when they were still made by Icemat. While large, they are the most comfortable headphones I have owned. In fact, it feels more comfortable to have them on your head than to take them off!

If you are an audiophile then the sound quality will disappoint you. On the other hand, if you are still using the earbuds that came with your iPod, you will find the clarity and bass of these to be exceptional.

Thinking about these for a podcast I’m launching as monitoring headphones for everyone on the panel. Hrmmm…

These are really really legit. I have the headset with a mic and they were $80. i would recommend them to anyone who does now need the mic.