Steelseries Siberia Full-Size Headphones



Christ, Bezos!


how many headphones do we need?

Bah look how far that top band is from the dummies head! STYLISH!

sweet bippy, those are large.

I like brown bags…

Got these in April. Pretty good.

Frequency: 18-28,000Hz
Impedance: 40 Ohm
SPL@1kHz, 1V rms: 104 dB
Cable length: 3 ft. with 4.9 extension
Jack: 3.5 mm


“Open style headphones allows you to hear things going on around you”

if I’m putting on headphones, why do I want to hear the people/noise around me?

Anyone know why the i want one button isn’t working for me and others? This is the third miss I’ve had tonight with plenty of product left.

I missed them >.<

How are these headphones good for gaming if there is no microphone? You can argue that any pair of headphones are good for gaming as long as you have it rigged up to allow the 1/8" jack connection.

Yes you are…You will always be first!

These are pretty bulky but comfortable and outstanding sound. I already have earbuds and headphones comming out my ears or I’d be in for 3.

Well police yelling freeze or we will shoot comes to mind. Or honey…The babys coming…

my headphones came with a bonsai cat!