Steelseries Siberia Full-Size Headphones



This has to be the smallest headset in history. could use this with a helmet on while walking.

These look awful…who would wear them?

Have these already from a previous woot off. they are nice, fairly comfortable, and priced right…so buy them! :slight_smile:


haha i won

Well, now we all know that rileyper lives in Illinois.

So they had 1 of these?

Dangit! It sold out in a few seconds?! I’ve been waiting through 2 woot-offs for this pair of headphones, and it’s gone in seconds!!! Grrrr…

$99.00 headphones too!

Well, $45 on Amazon… but I bought a pair of these over the summer through a WootOff (my first WootOff purchase), and it is so comfortable! Was going to buy one for the office using a Woot coupon. So sad it sold out :frowning:

I do - i have owned a pair for the last 3 years. They are great gaming headphones. You were them in the comfort of your own home where hopefully no one will see you.

great headphones, love my pair. use them to study with so i can hear anyone sneaking up on me ^^ would have liked another pair

…because we all buy headphones because of the way they look.

These are probably some of the best sounding headphones that Woot! has ever sold. So many of the others are just crap.

Unfortunately this item is gone and I’m posting to something that people will probably never read.

I bought 2 of these back when they first came up on woot a few months ago,They are fantastic. Sound quality is great
Comfort is Great
only issues with them are that they are not noise canceling, and they look a little goofy.