SteelSeries WoW Cataclysm Gaming Mouse

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SteelSeries WoW Cataclysm Gaming Mouse
Price: $44.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 02 to Tuesday, Jun 03) + transit
Condition: New


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Skip this deal and spend an extra $24 and get a Razer Naga. the quality is so much better on the Razer product.

I can’t speak to SteelSeries, but I’ve owned Razer products since the Boomslang first hit the market 15 years ago and while the visual design has always been nice, the quality of their products has never been what I would call “good”. If you want a durable mouse, get a Logitech. If you want something that looks cool, get a Razer.

And let’s not talk about their bundled software.

I second that. Their G series gaming mice are outstanding. I’ve had one for going on 6 years before the braided line started fraying and pretty soon started getting disconnections(heavy gamer here).
Contacted customer support and all they requested was a picture of the mouse with the frayed braiding (just to verify I actually had one) and they mailed me a brand new one.
They didn’t ask when I bought it or how long I had it or anything at all really. No complaints whatsoever.

$99 Mouse? (original msrp)

Tomorrows Woot… a super deal on a bridge in Brooklyn

Sounds about right.

If this had been a few days ago, I would have seconded that.

First, I’ve had several Razer products, and I agree… look cool and perform well for a short period, but quality is terrible.

Second, I used to be able to say that Logitech products are always made with the utmost quality, while also performing well, but that was before owning the G500 laser mouse.

I’m probably not as heavy a gamer as I used to be, but I still play a pretty good amount throughout the week. I’ve had my G500 for going on 2.5yrs and a few days ago the scroll wheel broke.

You’d be surprised as to how much you actually use the scroll wheel. You don’t realize it, until you’ve lost the functionality/feature.

Anyway, I sent in a question to support, regarding the 3yr warranty on Thursday (going on 3 days now) and haven’t heard back yet. They used to be pretty good in their response times, so maybe this is a fluke.

Hopefully they’ll honor the warranty, but it’d be nice to get an upgrade, rather than the same defunct mouse.

Never tried a SteelSeries mouse before, but I figure it’s probably worth a shot… It’s got to be at least as good as or better than a Razer, quality wise.

The point of this mouse is to use it’s functionality via World of Warcraft, the macros and in-game access. If you don’t play WoW I’d give it a pass as pointed out above, but if you are a WoW player the price is right on this one for the gaming features and lighting display.

It is NOT just for WoW, you can program the buttons for any program.

I have been using this mouse as my daily ever since it first came out. I am on my third one having bought two just a few weeks ago when they were offered. My first one failed under abused. My second lasted about a year.

This mouse is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used. I have significant arthiritis in my hands and this is the widest mouse I have found. That means I can lay my hand on top and not have to grip it at all. That eliminates the pressures that normal mice crate on my hands.

It is a little light and some of the button are hard to reach but I use it with all games.