Steelsound 4H Professional Gaming Headset

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Steelsound 4H Professional Gaming Headset
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Steelsound 4H Professional Gaming Headset

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Are there any gaming headsets that are wireless or am I just holding out hope for something that does not exist?

define “professional” gaming. someone. please.

This is the same model that air traffic controllers use in some of the greater Midwest airport towers / grain silos.


Price Checks:
They have them for $70 dollars. The review I read from a guy who paid around ninety for them and said they were some of the best headphones he had ever worn for gaming purposes.

Who uses wireless headsets? Dumbest thing ever.

I have the 5h, they are the BEST headphones I have EVER had on. They kick my Sennhieser’s butt. If it had a butt.

They are so clear, trebel in some songs hurt my ears at moderate volume. Needed to get a software EQ to manage them. Bets for gaming and music, by far. The cord is cloth-wrapped, too, so the occasional snag wont ruin them

I own these headphones. Had gotten them off Amazon.
They are great, however when I first started using them you will notice it has a sort of tinny sound. I am not sure if I just don’t notice it anymore of if they are broken in. They are great for gaming and it helps you recognize the different sounds better. I play competitive COD4 and Source and give them an A+.

drools might have to grab one or two, or three of these for me and my buds

Will these work with a Xbox 360?

Got 1, nice at that price!

I’m only a semi-pro gamer, should I get the $14.99 headphones?

Great timing-- my birthday is next Friday, and the mix on my trusty old Plantronics gaming headset just died a static-y death. I’m in for one-- it’d be more, but who knows what will be out 2-3 years from now when these fail me. :slight_smile:

Would these hook into a PS3? How does the mic plug in? USB?


I have the 3H version… How are these better/different/worse than what I have?

if these were m100’s, I would be snagging 3. but they’re not. I should probably goto sleep now.

Got a pair of these paid 30 bucks a/r a year ago at great headphones use them for gaming and the mic is pretty good too nice that it folds up into the earpiece when not in use well worth the 25 bucks

Does anyone know whether this item has a digitalized microphone? I have zero interests in games, but it looks like a great item for not only Skype, but also for voice-recognition software. Thoughts?

I’m now using Plantronics top-of-the-line, but where does this fit?