Steelsound 4H Professional Gaming Headset

Curiosity has the best of me… why are there 3H and 5H on eBay, and not 4H? What’s the difference?

Are these good headphones for music? For listening to an MP3 player?

thats what i was thinking … for my noisy office

Not on your life!!! I’m a retired Air Traffic Controller and we used Plantronics equipment, not toys.

its only 25 bucks just got already will ya

A decent amount of headphones as of late here on woot.


i have the steelsound 5h and i LOVE them.

Here’s the good ol’ TechPowerUp! Review for those that haven’t seen it.

But, it says that they’re made for gaming and sound only mediocre when used for audio/music only. Read it for more info…


They are great for first person shooter games, and the mic is great, the retractable feature is awesome.

When I’m playing more single-player minded games I switch over to my Everglides. They do a better job of isolating and more depth of range.

This is a very good price on a solid set of phones

First woot for me.

Great price from all appearances, and everywhere I look people love the Steelsound headsets. I’m not a computer gamer at all, but I do like my music. Had to snap one up.

Belated Christmas present! Thanks Woot!

I have these and im lazy so bullet points:

  • solid for gaming
  • microphone is pretty good quality
  • like people have said, sound is a little tinny (but that doesnt effect gaming)
  • fairly comfy
    -retractable mic is kinda cool?
  • I’m fairly happy with them, would recommend to any gamers

Are these the ones for me, or should I wait it out until the next ones? I wish I new more about this kind of stuff. Anyone care to give me a bit-o-advice?

ha. we posted at that same time. Thanks for the info.

i’m not sure if perhaps you have some sort of visual impairment, but the picture shows a stereo headphone plug and a mic plug. . .

First time woot here too… Haven’t had a decent headset in awhile and these seem pretty cheap

No thanks… Got the Steelsound 5h x3 in October. :slight_smile:

The 3H folds and collapses. The 4H doesn’t fold/collapse, but it has larger earcups and has a in-line volume control.

I have a pair of 3Hs- and I’ve play way too much TeamFortress 2. Buy with confidence. They’re excellent. (and they’re also great for music)

Video review @

Woot has EARS-ON-THE-BRAIN syndrome… enuf already with the listening devices… and NO folks… it won’t arrive in time for Santa’s Elves to place under the mistletoe…

First woot for me as well…

Hope they’re decent.