Steelsound 4H Professional Gaming Headset

WOOT! Going to use these for podcasting hopefully

First woot for me too. I just remember a friend raving about these headphones for gaming and nearly did a double-take when I saw the price. :3

A lil’ too old to be a gamer. Never used the mic feature, But even with my ears the sound quality is well worth the price ( Don’t expect a boom). Very comfy though.

I actually am visually impaired, thanks for the response

Just sold a pair of the 4H headphones to me :slight_smile:

Man do I hate Inline volume\controls. Every set of headphones I have ever owned that had inline broke from the wire separating from the inline controller.

as with most games: Professional = Paid to Play

If you google professional gamers, you’ll find lots of info on it. I believe one 20-something yr old professional gamer made a six figure salary last year, not to shabby for traveling around and playing computer games :slight_smile: I believe he has also come out with his own line of accessories (ie mouse, keyboards, etc) in a deal with Logitech (I think…it’s logitech)

If woot! goes by what they did last year, there won’t be a woot-off until after the new year.

I have the Razer HP-1 Barracuda 5.1 Channel Gaming Headphones. It has connections for all of the standard 5.1 channel plugs for soundcards like the soundblaster Audigy 2 type cards and above.
See them from this link:

I’m not a pro gamer by far, but these things are sweet compared to these woot! are selling today, hands down. Bought them for $55 with shipping from the last woot-off on 12/7. (Mic is too soft so you basically need to yell to be heard though)That’s MHO.

But for $25 with shipping, these are not too bad.

I have been with computing since 1974. Please enlighten me on what headphones have to do with gaming. How are they used and why are they important?

I bought the 5H earlier this year and I’ve never looked back. I feel that the 4H will be just as good and they will be excellent gifts (3 kings day, I’m Hispanic) Good price all around. I’m in for 2. I think this would be a good little thing to have around for DVD players with good sound and what not. Now if only the cord could be made to come out of one port then Xbox 360 will never be the same.

Too bad I am not a Professional in gaming

First Woot for me as well.

I’ve been looking for a good pair of headphones to use while playing MMORPGs and other PC Games. The 4H seems to fit the bill. Very good reviews, great price and lots of good information provided by posters. A little early Christmas present for myself…

Thank you for that. My one complaint about the 3Hs is that the ear cups are so small my ears start hurting fairly quickly.

I bought two of the 3H when they were on Woot. Sound was excellent and I am very pleased.

When the 3H were on Woot some members had the same statements and opinions: don’t play music well, sound is tinny, blah, blah.

But I found them to be very good. I think music sounds fine with the 3H. And games sound awesome too. The 3H are smaller in terms of size and the head band is a little tight, but I don’t notice the fit unless I wear them for too long, maybe over two hours or so.

No, they are not $200 headphones, but they will sound good enough for most people.

So I am in for one, and hope they put up the 5H at some point.

how well do these work as just normal headphones for listening to music and stuff?

I’m not buying anything but the Everglide S-500 Gaming Headphones.


In multiplayer online games (ie Counter-Strike, Halo, Half-Life, etc) you communicate with your team through the mic and the headphones allow you to hear subtle sounds in the game.

…You can clearly see the analog 3.5mm jacks in the picture…

your right, i was reseaching plantronics headphones, and they mentioned how they were used for traffic controlers.
These are too cheap to be used in a traffic company.
I bought the 3H from woot off for the same price as these.

The cord’s 6 feet according to this vid review that someone posted

I’m really leaning towards buying these after seeing all these reviews and seeing other prices, but the fact I won’t be able to use the mic with my PS3 makes me hesitate…