Steelsound 5H V2 Professional Gaming Headset

Should the words “Professional” and Gaming" even be in the same sentence! Come on!

Neeeeever heard of Steelsound, seems like a ripoff of steelseries

Next!!! Next!!!

Finally a new woot

Hmmm…these look OK?

perfect, use it for counterstrike all day.

come on woot!


wohooo start buying stuff again!

yippie woot is back

yay headphones!

Bring back the cheap noise canceling ones again. :frowning:

meh good deal but dont have the money to dish out 30 dollars for a new headset =/


go to buy, sold out, go to main page… i want one meter not moved? Confusered

Digg it!

“gaming headphones” = over-rated

I just want some simple cheap useless crap!! No more headphones!

OH COME ON!!! Where is the cool WOOT stuff?