Stein Family Vaquero Chardonnay (4)

Stein Family Vaquero Chardonnay 4-Pack
$39.99 $̶8̶2̶.̶0̶0̶ 51% off List Price
2010 Vaquero Chardonnay
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47.99 last time this was here. Price drop and no oak, what’s not to like:)

Ordered some of this last time and we were very pleased.

The description is right on - no oak, little to no malo. Bright, crisp and well-balanced, with none of the late-appearing bitter phenolics that seem to plague citrusy and crisp whites. Food friendly, but can also stand well on it’s own. Not a chard for your friends and family who like the bold and buttery Calfornia chards, but a good offering to sneak in on someone who’s part of the ABC crowd.

Were I not already maxed out on similar chards from other favorite producers this would be a no-brainer for me, with a minimum of two. Given my current situation, though, I need to ponder whether I want to order two or hold back to just one.

Hey Wooters!

I’m around as always for questions you might have.

A common one is age-ability: unlike other Chard styles, our style gives wines that do continue to age well for a number of years–the key is attention to pH and acidity and working with multiple lots to create a great wine through the power of blending. :slight_smile:

Thanks for having us again!

Hi, Josh. Glad to have you back again. As you can deduce from ny previous post I’m a fan and don’t need much more information about the wine.

I would, however. like to have you expound a bit more on the philanthropy commitments associated with your operation. (And I confess to having a bit of a soft spot for Latin American agricultural workers coming to this country with the determination of acquiring some land and starting a business - that’s exactly what my grandparent’s did a little over 100 years ago).

I think that’s an aspect of your business that worth some touting. To my mind, buying good wine while supporting good activities at the same time is a clear winner over simply buying good wine.

So please, Josh, toot your horn a bit.

This sounds like a chard right up my alley. I am in for one.


Well, there are any number of expensive, and not so expensive, wines produced by folks making just above minimum wage, and to us, that doesn’t seem fair. We believe everyone who helps in the creation of our wines should see a direct benefit, so we make sure the children of wine workers are supported through college scholarships and support monies. For us, you get the community you build, so we say, absolutely, enjoy wine–but also support those who support the community. Commerce can be a force for good! :slight_smile:

For those interested, there’s lots more on our site at :slight_smile:

Wow, sure is quiet today. Must have been a really good Saturday night for everyone;)

Got my shipment today and the first bottle was corked. I tasted it about 30 minutes before my wife got a chance to taste it, as she was busy cooking.

I waited for her reaction…“corked”! “Please open something else.”

The cork itself did not look like it had been leaking at all. I am just guessing that this was the result of the 100 degree temps we are experiencing.

Hate to dump all the wine down the drain, but it’s undrinkable.

Not blaming the winery or the fine folks at Woots. Guess it’s time to wait for cooler weather.

EGhhhh!!! Geeze. I’m sorry to hear about that.

I would write into Woot Member Services anyways and see if they can assist you at all.
You can email into and let them know what happened.

Thanks. I’ll wait and see if anyone else had the same problem with the wine.

You are not alone. I just opened a bottle and found the cork to be dry and brittle. The wine was corked - tasted truly awful. The second bottle was the same.
I contacted customer service and they have issued me a credit.
Good luck!

So disappointed to find that 3 of the bottles I have opened are corked!! Yuck!! Totally undrinkable. But I am glad to know that I am not the only one to have this happen. Bummed because I bought 8 bottles based on the reviews. Hopefully Woot makes it right!!