Stein Family Wines Just Joshin Tempranillo - 4 Pack

Stein Family Wines Just Joshin Tempranillo - 4 Pack

Price: $47.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Just Joshin 2007 Sierra Foothills Tempranillo
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(Sole Triple Exalted High Tastemaster Supreme Cesare had to run out for a bit)

The Stein Family seems to be popular this wine.woot off.

Normally $15/bot or 4 for $60, so not a great deal at 4 for $55 but considering that it’s including shipping it’s still a deal, just not a steal.

In order to call this a Tempranillo doesn’t the wine have to be 85% or more Tempranillo?

There is the page for this specific wine, they seem to be selling it at $15 a bottle.

IIRC, the minimum in the US is 75% to be called that varietal legally. Common is 85%, but not required.

Edit: Except in some parts of Oregon, where it’s 95%

Looking forward to getting these Tempranillo’s. Although the lovely Mrs. prefers merlots and cabs, I think these wines might be perfect for guests and small invitational dinners. Most of our guests have often said they prefer wine that’s “a little sweeter.”



Gotta love standards!

Hi folks,

75% is varietal, 85% location, 95% vintage.

If you like softer reds, this is for you.
If you like higher acidity for better food matches, this is for you.
If you like a heady bouquet and long finish, this is for you.

Most importantly, to me :), if you like your wine with a clean conscience, this is for you.

Fun but fair–enjoy!

SIWBM, but the bottle design is really…cool.

Who, if I may ask, was the artist…good story?

Me, and thank you very much! Some of the labels are mine, some my daughter’s.

As I often say in the tasting room, what’s the point of being a winemaker if you can’t make fun of yourself on your labels? Thenew Vaquero is really neat, too :wink:

We’re purists up here.

Loving the idea of blending the temp with grenache. In for one. Thanks, Josh.

No, thank you! It’s a good combination, for sure. I first tried this as a 50/50 blend, but the Grenache was so perfume-y that I had to keep pulling the blend back until we hit the optimal mix. I know, 19% sounds totally random, but it’s a sweet spot that was far better than 80/20, 82/18, etc. Enjoy!

My legitimate wine cellar is full; my overflow refrigerator is full; I have a couple random boxes under the house…

What the heck, I’m in for one. :slight_smile:

I received my shipment last week.
I opened a bottle the first evening and it is pretty much undrinkable.

Very sour and raisin-y.

I am in NYS, I am wondering if it’s possible this is because of the shipping?
Should I have waited?
Will the other bottles taste better if I wait?

Lots of mixed reactions with the bottles I received. I’ve found them definately on the sour side, but drinkable and not bad after some time to open up.

One coworker bought a couple bottles and loved them. Another one took a bottle of mine and “took one sip and dumped the rest”. I was pretty bummed she dumped the whole bottle–I think it’s drinkable and OK, but maybe did get buggered in shipping.