Stein Magic Hour White Moscato Rosato(6)



Stein Magic Hour White Moscato Rosato 6-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $120.00) 33% off List Price
6 NV Stein Family “Magic Hour” Moscato
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[] Summer shipping is in effect so don’t worry about your wine.
] Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.


Courtesy of CJ (well, her car anyway!):

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I’ve had this a couple of times, and it’s not bad as a light dessert wine. Somewhat sweet, but not as sweet as White Zin.

Works better towards the end of a tasting, not at the beginning.

Others from last Wednesday? Or a week ago at zTimBz’s?

Oh, and in for a set for my mom. Reds are “too bitter” for her.


lolz… I don’t even get out of bed for anything below 13% alcohol.


My +1 likes Moscato and I like Cab Franc. Must admit I am surprised to see them together in the same wine! I’m in for a set just out of curiosity.


I took the night off yesterday. It’s good to see you back! Hope all is well.


I fell in love with Cab Franc when I moved to Napa, but I fell in love with it again when I became a winemaker. The plushness it gives to a red blend is also useful in a small amount to bring out much more interesting things in the moscato. This has the nose your +1 will love and expect, but the body will be much less one-dimensional than other moscatos.


Anyone want to do a split to Albuquerque? Or want to sell me 1or2? I have no need for 6 as I am not a Moscato drinker and these usually turn into fire pit sippers for the cul-de-sac wives.


Can anybody compare these to say, Quady winery’s Moscatos?

From the description, it would seem these a a lot less sweet.

But, if this stuff is half as good as Electra, I’m in for 12.


I have not had Quady’s releases, but the residual sugar is under three percent, and the acidity is there to prevent cloyingness on the tongue. The key to sweet wines, I’ve found, isn’t the sweet itself but the balance of chemistry to make it a component of the wine, not the only thing going on in the glass.


Sounds like a nice companion for grilled pizza!


You would have had me at 3 for $40 but this is too much money for too many bottles to be an impulse buy…

I know WW is a business, but I hope it remains focused on the needs of its customers - I see a lot more posts complaining the cellar is too full or that there’s too many bottles than those asking for more. If the issue is shipping containers, there has to be an economical way of shipping 2-3 bottles…

I love WW because it lets me try lots of things that I wouldn’t normally try. I will be less interested in it if it becomes yet another vineyard frequent buyer / bulk purchase discount club.

Bottom line: to put it in terms of grocery stores, I like WW as the on-line version of Trader Joes, not Costco.


Sounds very interesting and thankfully have someone who already purchased and is willing to share some with me.

Josh, what would you pair this with?

Also, I’m guessing this was blended, not co-fermented?


Just a quick comment on this, so we can move back to the regular discussion. I have brought this up for discussion before and have been told by WD himself, that much of the higher quantity offers lately is a result of the summer shipping cost and logistics (basically an effort to keep the cost per bottle down). I will believe it when I see it, but he noted that we should see (hopefully) a shift back to lower quantity offerings once we head into the cooler months.


I always like to in-house test with friends and family. Thus far, it’s paired nicely with roasted chicken, bbq, cheeses, dessert, and sitting by my brother-in-law’s pool :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a blend. I have done a few co-ferms over the years, but most of the time my m.o. is separate fermentation of each grape lot and then the fun begins with blending.


What many of us do is to post a message looking for other wooters to split the order with.


We call it mutual culpability, enabling, or “I was just helping him/her out.” :wink:


Makes sense to me: shipping is based on weight, and more costs less, basically. I also like to think our wines don’t get much age–because they get enjoyed!

What did you think of our Chard from a couple weeks ago, Noslensj?


I assume you’re referring to the Vaquero, which I purchased when it was up in April. As I posted in the woootoff thread last week: