Stein Magic Hour White Moscato Rosato(6)

Stein Magic Hour White Moscato Rosato 6-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $120.00) 33% off List Price
6 NV Stein Family “Magic Hour” Moscato
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Nice one! I’m here wooters, so fire away with any questions :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are people who like this wine, please buy so we can move on.

My questions is as a newbie wine drinker, I usually only like the Moscatos. This seems like a good lead-in wine toward drinking reds. Is that right? I just don’t drink that often because I can’t get past the lack of sweetness in other wines.

Got this on the prior woot. SWMBO and I opened a bottle and despite her fondness to Moscato’s, this one we just called grape juice and donated to a poor college student. I’m told grad students will drink anything. Almost, but not even quite this.

Aww, this one again? I’m so tempted, but I can’t justify $80 and six bottles just to try it out. :-/

Hi, Josh. Is this wine completely still, or does it have any effervesence?

I wouldn’t recommend this as an intro to reds. It’s a sweet, “summer” wine that is really just a little too far on the “young” side to be a “good” wine. Still, it’s just on the right side of “young” to be fun, if you know what I mean… It’s not at all serious. It’s a little of a spritzer or maybe–to be unfair–like a really good wine cooler.

Still. It’s fun. It set all my friends to giggling as we drank it. If you want something mature then this isn’t it.

I ordered it when it came up last time, and I just ordered some more because… fun.

It “sparkles” a bit.

I’m tempted but would prefer 3 or 4 bottle shipment instead of 6.

does it come with the watermelon?

You hit it on the nose; I left this with a little bit of residual CO2, which is the traditional “frizzante” style. Not enough bubbles so it’s a sparkling wine, but enough to put a little sparkle on the tongue.

And I agree with your assessment–the point of wine is to have fun, so why not make wines that let you do so? Where I come from (NJ, the '70s), that’s called a good time :slight_smile:

Ha! That’s all woot, not us :wink:
Try this site for some wine tastings.
I went to one on vacation in Seattle about 8 years ago, a fundraiser for the Huskies band. They even gave a free hotel shuttle. Mostly boutique winerys. IIR, it was like $70 for the pair of tix.

This post makes no sense, especially considering the question it’s responding to.

To answer the original question, due to the sweetness of this wine, it very well may be a good intro into the red wine world. It may not be a good example of “great” red wines, but at $12/btl, a good intro. :slight_smile:

In for one because at the least, it’s fun! I see that more as an excuse to invite some friends over for a drink than anything else. Thanks for the advice, everyone!

Edit: Also, I miss Europe where I was introduced to wines. You could walk into a tent and taste dozens, most under 10 euros per bottle!

I agree, though I wouldn’t even catorgorize this as a red wine. It is a Moscato with a touch of Cab Franc. The Cab Franc adds a bit of dryness to the Moscato, toning down the sweetness. I purchased this one the last round and I really enjoyed the bottle I opened up last week enough to buy more today. I didn’t use it as a desert wine, but served it along side Bruschetta topped with fresh tomatoes and homemade mozzarella and a seared chicken breast. It was delicious and got rave reviews, not cries that it was just grape juice.

It really gets annoying when people get on this board to complain about a wine not because it is bad, but because it is not their preference or that they have limited pallets and only like certain types of wine. My collection runs the gamut of white to red, sweet to suck the moisture out of you dry and $20 everyday drinkers to triple digit cabs. Every type of wine has it’s place as long as it is made well. For a semi-sweet, fun wine, this is made well.

I’m in for a six-pack of fun. My dinner crowd enjoys a frizante style wine on occasion. It kind of dances on your tongue. Also, according to Brian Wilson I can have fun for a long time because I don’t have a T-bird to take away.