Steiner 8.5x26 Wildlife Pro Binoculars



I wanted the boots… :-/


No can has the bootz.


No case, strap or lens protectors included? Bummer or I’d be in for one at this insane price


It’s probably the absence of these features that caused the insane price.

I’m holding out a while longer, in the last Woot-off there were more than a few pairs of binoculars up. I’m guessing we’ll see some more in the future with price drops.


The insane price is because this is the PRO version. It’s metal, not the usual plastic, they are waterproof, not just sort of water resistant, and the glass is even higher quality. But yeah, at $205+tax, without any TAXSUCKS coupon even, I’d pass on these, and get the REAL Military Issue Steiner 8x50s. Now THOSE are why Steiner made a name for itself. :wink:


Mine did, I just thought they would be big enough for a human to look through %(


Got mine today - a GREAT binocular. To answer some of the comments 1) these are compact binoculars, look at the description, appropriate size to carry to a game, concert or for travel. 2) Bigger binoculars are great, but are a pain in the ass to carry around. 3) The binoculars came with a high quality heavy duty case and neck strap as expected. With optics you get what you pay for; these are top quality COMPACT glasses - top of the line Steiners (a German company that makes binoculars only) - if you want to invest in quality this is the way to go. You will not find any other binoculars sold on woot! with a 30 year warrantee.